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We're Victoria and Chelsea Berg; sisters, divers and passionate eco-warriors. Unable to find wetsuits to fit our bodies and lifestyle philosophies in a male-centric field, we decided to make our own. 


Victoria B Berg

Co-Founder & Director 

The Swish Team is lead by it's fearless CEO, Victoria.  Living a life of dichotomies, Victoria is a mysterious cosmopolitan and a rowdy scuba diver all rolled into one tall long package! Victoria is a professional diver as well as an environmental scientist from McGill University. You might know her better as the face of our blog “Swish Life”. During her scholastic career, she worked on projects with the City of Westmount in Montreal on biodiversity and also on sustainable fishing practices with Greenpeace.

Victoria started her aquatic life at a very early age water skiing and wakeboarding in the frigid waters of Canada. Her professional dive career began in Jamaica and since then she has progressed with rapid speed through the dive world being called “the best natural diver” by several professionals to our jealous faces! She is now a PADI Master Instructor, DSAT Technical Diver, and IANTD Cave Diver. Although, she is probably best known for creating quite the splash in her Swish shortie suit!

Victoria currently resides in New York but on any day you can find her diving in the caves of the Riviera Maya, surfing in Bali, or drinking champagne in Paris! One thing is for sure, she will always be fashionably attired! Track her location in her Swish Life Blog!

I am excited to be taking over as President and CEO of Swish Suits. It is an honor to be CEO of a company founded on great principles and to be selling a product with such integrity. I look forward to working with our new team to bring Swish to the next level.
— -Victoria Berg, Swish President and CEO, on June 1, 2015

Carolyn B Berg



This woman perfectly embodies the adage of “you are as old as you feel,” though in her case she looks even better!

Carolyn is the matriarch of the Swish Suit Team and our investor and true believer. she has been inspiring us for our whole lives and when we say we couldn't do it without her, we honestly couldn't do it without her.

Carolyn believes in the empowerment of women. She sits on the Women’s Board of the Adler Planetarium in Chicago whose mission it is to inspire and motivate the next generation of explorers, scientists and engineers and to further the education of girls and women in the sciences. Carolyn also is a founding member of the Phenomenelle Angels Fund that provides women and minority-led companies with critical early-stage funding.

Carolyn has been in the aquatic sports world since she started water skiing at the age of 13, and has since enjoyed many a slalom course competition and just simply “getting out there”. To her regret, she never had a functional and fashionable wetsuit. 

Carolyn lives her life to the fullest and has an unsurpassed sense of wonder for everything around her, whether it is her favorite Amarone vintage, a perfect pair of sparkly heels, or a sea turtle friend in Akumal. She can currently be found at the Swish headquarters in Chicago most likely drinking wine on her lakefront terrace enjoying everything around her.

Chelsea W Berg


Chelsea is not on a path in life. She is on a high-speed train hurtling 100 mph to one goal: bringing Swish suits to the women of world and most importantly, to you. This is why she is the perfect COO for the Swish Team.

In her other life, Chelsea worked as a stock broker, having done her degree in Environmental Economics at McGill University in Montreal. Chelsea has always been concerned with environmental issues, which is why she chose to study environmental economics over finance. Her most recent obsession: running triathlons for aquatic causes.

Chelsea is also an accomplished scuba diver.  She is a PADI Master Scuba Dive Instructor, Cavern Instructor as well as being a PADI DSAT Deep Tec Diver and an IANTD cave diver. Wow! She has lived and worked in a variety of places, moving from Barbados, to Thailand, to Roatan, to the Red Sea, to the Cenotes caves in Mexico. She currently resides in Chicago, Swish’s Headquarters in the USA. 

If not already on an adventure, Chelsea can always be convinced to grab her dive kit and Swish Ladies’ wetsuit and jet off to an exotic locale to pirate around for the week! You can reasonably find her at any beach, in any city, at anytime! Just look for a bright pink bikini and some blond hair.

I spent years trying to find a sexy suit, or even just a suit that fits, or anything that would be of any quality or high performance. It does not exist in the aquatic industry... or if it does, it’s not for women.
— Chelsea Berg, Swish Creator
I think women and girls are simply fed up with having to look like a boy to do water sports, not to mention the drag an ill-fitting wet suit can have on your performance. Why do we have to look like a boy to play with the boys? We don’t ask them to look like girls! Here is a photo of me in 1978. No matter how cute the pose, it is still an ugly wetsuit. Swish Suits has changed that for us and today we look like the mighty women we are when we are out there doing our thing.
— Carolyn B Berg