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Return & Exchange Policy

Please Note: returns or exchanges will not be accepted more than 30 days after the purchase date.

All items, including Swish women’s wetsuits, that are Returned or Exchanged must be in the original condition, unused, and with the original tags. Any damage can be considered grounds for denial of a Return or Exchange and your money will not be refunded. In some cases a damage fee may be applied for Returns and Exchanges. In both of these situations the customer making the Return or Exchange will be contacted directly. Please note that damage can be caused by over folding an item, or by folding it too tightly. Please pack the item loosely and DO NOT fold the item across the chest vertically. Treat the ladies’ wetsuits like you would a designer dress. Creasing of the item can be grounds for denying Returns and Exchanges.

Your shipping fees will not be refunded for Returns and Exchanges and all subsequent shipping must be paid for by the customer. We appreciate your cooperation in the Return and Exchange policy.


Apply for your Return/Exchange

All ladies’ wetsuits sent back for return or exchange MUST be accompanied by a “Return/Exchange Slip” given at the time of purchase or downloadable here. Wetsuits will NOT be Returned or Exchanged without instructions!

Send all Exchanges/Returns here:

Swish Suits

3504 Highland Ave.
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266