Swish Suits

Eco. Technical. Apparel for women in the water

In our continued mission to bring your top notch coverage of aquatic sports for women andWomen's Wetsuits we've been helped along the way by some fantastic photographers. A Big Swishy Thanks to:

    1. Darcy McCarty of Flickr for sharing their breath taking Whale Shark photo under a Creative Commons license.
    2. Margaret Wertheim of Flickr for sharing their amazing Hyberbolic Crochet Reef under a Creative Commons license. That's right! the Photo of a Reef we used for our Eco Wetsuits button is actually a handmade crocheted creation.
    3. "Canon in 2D" of Flickr for sharing their beautiful shot of Dive Tanks at Sunset under a Creative Commons license.
    4. Tanaka Juuyoh of Flickr for sharing their gorgeous photo of a Whale Shark captured from aboveunder a Creative Commons license.
    5. divemasterking2000 of Flickr for sharing their very seasonal photo of a White Christmas Tree Worm under a Creative Commons license.
    6. Mike Baird of Flickr for sharing their irresistible photo of California Sea Otters under a Creative Commons license.
    7. A special thanks to Brian Preen of Flickr for releasing his non Creative Commons insanely beautiful photo of waves for Swish to use.