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Limitation of Liability and Belt Safety Disclosure

Limitation of Liability

Swish Suits LLC shall not be liable for any injury or damage that may, directly or indirectly, occur to persons, things, or animals resulting from the use of this product. Swish Suits LLC shall not be liable for damage resulting from the failure to observe any safety disclosures or recommendations on using our products.

Swish Suits LLC will not be held responsible for any agreements written or oral except of those that are a part of this warranty statement. Swish Suits LLC’s entire liability shall be limited to repair or replacement of the product at Swish Suit LLC’s option.

Swish Suits will not pay any compensation for any inconveniences which might be caused by the inability to use the Product or for any potential expenses incurred while the Product is being repaired or replaced.

Belt Saftey Disclosure

Swish Suits LLC dictates that before wearing our suits, an instruction manual must be consulted for every aquatic or other sport in which the wearer will engage. The belts on our women’s wetsuitsuits are exclusively for fashion and are not intended for utility of any kind (i.e.: these are not to be used as weight belts in diving or as a safety product in any sport). Ordering and wearing our belts is done at your own risk and Swish Suits LLC is not responsible for any misuse or unsafe practice in connection with our suits. Wearing your wetsuit with the belt and other features implies your consent to this disclosure and our other safety recommendations.