Swish Suits

Eco. Technical. Apparel for women in the water


By women, for women's bodies. Look and feel beautiful in the water. 


 Our suits are stretchy, tailored to a woman's shape and designed to form to your body. Never struggle to squeeze into a wetsuit again. Our revolutionary Bioprene stretches up to 5x; making it simple to get in and out of your wetsuit. 


Swish suits are made to sculpt your body. Our designers have created panels which are specifically made to enhance women’s bodies. Our seams are strategically placed to compliment your figure.


It's a lifestyle

 Love Water

 When we started Swish Suits we decided to build a company that gives back more than it takes and only takes what the natural world can afford to give. That’s one of the many reasons why we use limestone based neoprene. It’s also why we live our lives and run our company in as eco-friendly a way as we can.

Love Bioprene

Traditional neoprene is derived from fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are responsible for the vast majority of greenhouse gasses, and oil spills are among the worst natural disasters for ocean life.  All Swish Wetsuits are made from Bioprene, a revolutionary higher-performing neoprene that is derived from limestone instead of petrol.  Everything has to be made of something so we chose a material that there’s enough of to go around.

Love Deeply

Swish is more than an eco product- we are a lifestyle company that combines corporate good with entrepreneurship.  We strive not just to have a neutral impact on the earth, but to have a positive an impact.  This echoes through into our personal choices, eschewing cars for bicycles and carrying tote bags, to the way we run our company, putting solutions like video chats before flights and digital ink before printing. It’s also about helping others, through donations to impactful charities and a commitment to women’s empowerment that is at a the core of our company.  Being an eco and socially responsible company isn’t an end point, it is something we strive for every day.

High Performance

 A wetsuit that performs with you.

Lightweight & Low Water Absorption

A high closed cell ratio ensures ultra low water absorption so Swish Suits remain nearly the same weight wet as dry.  It also means that your suit will dry much more quickly than an average wetsuit. Most of the water logging in typical neoprene is a result of the neoprene compression and breakage due to nature of normal neoprene. 


Bioprene is comprised of closed microcells as opposed to normal neoprene which has hexagonal cell.  Our wetsuits have good cell strength & memory, meaning that the cells do not expand and contract to take on water which keeps them strong over time.  Your suit will stay stretchy and last longer. 

We stand by our wetsuits, all Swish Suits come with a 1 year warranty.