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Women's Wetsuits Video Competition

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ANNOUNCING The Swish Women's Wetsuits Video COMPETITION! Enter to win a signature swish wetsuit jacket or a swish scuba mask strap and hat!

We have swished from Southeast Asia to Mexico and back again, now we are wondering where your Swish Women's Wetsuit has been? What have you ladies been up to and where have you been going? What aquatic sports are you doing at the moment, or do you use your women's wetsuit for different reasons. A friend of ours just recently used hers to go snowboarding!

Send us footage of you in your Swish Suit and enter to win some cool Swish products. The creator of our favorite women's wetsuits video clip will receive our signature Swish jacket!

womens wetsuit jacket

The runners up will receive swish mask straps and hats!

womens scuba mask strap

Send your footage to victoria@swishsuits.com or post it on our facebook wall! www.facebook.com/swishsuits

We cannot wait to see what you all have been up to!