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Women's Wetsuits Testimonials

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Have you heard the chatter? Swish Suits is revolutionizing the way the aquatic sports world does wetsuits! Watch our video and read below to hear what people are saying. Also pretty happy about how beautiful all of the girls look in their Swish Suits! You are the reason we do it chicas! Womens Full Length Wetsuit

"The Swish Suit fit 'pops' onto my body with so much ease! They do! They pop on! No stretching, tugging and fighting!"

-- Ashley Anderson, PADI Mater Scuba Instructor, Wakeboarder

Womens Diving Shorty Wetsuit

"Swish is bringing sexy back! What I hated more than anything in diving was to get myself into a wetsuit! It was uncomfortable and unflattering! I was dreaming of a bond-girl-kinda-suit, and now, I own one! My shorty suit is AMAZING! It fits me perfectly, covers the right places and shows a little more than others. And the biggest plus for me? It is eco friendly! I never thought that a wetsuit would look this good in and out of the water. You have seen the photos; do I really need to say more?"

-- Stephanie Totcherman, PADI Divemaster, surfer, eco enthusiast.

Wakeboarding in the Swish Ladies' Jacket

"I love swish suits! Not only do they look cute on, but also they keep you ridiculously warm and are super flexible! If you're looking for a suit that looks great on while being high performance, Swish Suits is the way to go!"

-- Lisa Tuttle, Pro Surfer

Women's Scuba Diving Jacket

"I love my white Swish jacket! Before I was always feeling cold even with long wetsuit, and now I feel so nice and warm when I'm using my Swish Jacket on top of long wet suit! Looks super cool too, lovin it!"

-- Krista Maria, PADI Master Instructor, Technical diver, and Dive Shop Owner (Koh Tao Divers)

Ladies Shorty Wetstuit and Jacket

"I love my Swish Shortie! It's like a big luscious hug around my tush and makes me feel like a Bond Girl!"

-- Dominique Cristall, Jet Setter

Tina DelCane Dive Travel TV

"My Swish Suit fit like a glove; they are super comfortable and super soft! Thank you Swish you won't catch me in any other suit!"

-- Tina DelCane, Host of Dive Travel TV

Women's Triathlon Shorty Wetsuit

"Swish Suits inspires me to live both an active and environmentally conscious lifestyle. I feel fantastic in my swish suit--not just because I know I look sexy, but also because I am taking a step to promote environmental sustainability. Swish Suits rock!"

-- Morgan Voss, Triathlete and Wakeboarder

protecting marine sanctuaries, martine and kate

"The Swish Suits are a dream. They just slide on, unlike my previous suits, which take at least 5 minutes of wriggling to put on. The fabric actually feels less like a rubber body suit and more like a warm & cozy underwater outfit. My uncomfortable diving days are well and truly over!"

-- Kate Waterburton, PADI Scuba Instructor, Travel Photographer

Ladies Triathalon Wetsuit

"I was training for the triathlon . . . All the other girls were struggling with their wetsuits and I walked up and popped my Swish Suit on. All the other girls were staring at me and I was already out there!"

-- Farrah Melissa, Triathlete and Swish Stylist