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SWISH BACK IN STOCK: Cure your blues!

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Feeling a little blue lately and cannot figure out why? Could it have to do with the fact that your favorite eco-chic women's wetsuits were sold out? Well we have the swishy cure! Take one dose of Swish, add a yourself, some friends, and water. Mix and serve hot. Repeat daily. Because, oh yes, SWISH IS BACK IN STOCK!

We appreciate your patience, but the wait it over and you can order your ladies' wetsuit today. However we have limited quantities and our waiting list is long so it is is first come, first served. So do hurry hurry hurry to get the suit that makes the mermaids jealous. Check us out and get your long awaited Swish on today!

A few reasons why Swish is right for you! Swish Wetsuits are Unique:

  • Our Wetsuits are SEXY: Swish Suits have been designed specifically for a woman's body. The unique sculpting panels and flexibility of the suits ensures maximum sexiness while still being one of the highest performance suits on the market.
  • ECO-Friendly Wetsuits: Our suits are made from our revolutionary BIOPRENE. Unlike normal neoprene, which derives from environmentally hazardous petroleum, Bioprene is made from limestone and contains NO petroleum.
  • Swish is HIGH PERFORMANCE: : Bioprene does more than save the planet. Our wetsuits have higher heat retention, flexibility, and durability than the competition.