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Welcome to the Swish Suits Blog!

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Hello everyone and welcome to the Swish Life Blog!

I am Victoria and I am going to be your resident blogger here at Swish Life. I have the fortunate job of flitting about the globe to bring you the latest updates on all things aquatic, all things fashionable, and all things eco-friendly!

I would like to thank everyone who has been involved in the making of Swish Suits, our women's wetsuits company. There has been so many of you in so many locations and that is really what Swish is all about! Swish has come to be what it is today not just from one singular idea, but from a collective life experience with all of you ladies. This is a big part of Swish Suits: so here is the blog, and Swish girl this one is for you! Please comment on everything and email me to let me know what you like! If you have an interesting story, an amazing photo, or would like to write a guest blog post, please email me at victoria@swishsuits.com. Below is a description of what you will be seeing here!

Swished: Photos of the Swish Team doing their thing! Check the blog regularly to see if you have been “Swished.”

Swish Caption Competition of the Week: I will be posting the silliest photo of a Swish Team Member of the week. Your job is to comment on the photo with an appropriate accompanying caption! The winners will be announced the following week!

All Things Eco: We Swish Girls care greatly about our planet hence the eco suits! Check here for what is going on in the green world!

Where has your Swish Suit Been?: Send me photos of you in your Swish women's wetsuit and I will post them here! victoria@swishsuits.com

Swish Day Off: What we do on our days off! In fact send me photos and stories about what you do on your day off and I will post them here! ! victoria@swishsuits.com

Parties and Events: Events that are coming up! Check here to see if there are any in your area!

Swish Team: What our team is up to at the moment.

Swish Creatures: All the lovely creatures of the planet that we encounter in our travels. Send me your photos here: victoria@swishsuits.com