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What Wetsuit is Right for You?


Let's face it, buying a wetsuit is not like buying any other article of clothing or sporting gear. It is tight, often uncomfortable out of the water and expensive! So you need to get the right one, not only by fit but by intended activity. We here at Swish excel so well in getting you the right wetsuit for you and fit online due to our extensive research into what goes into the wetsuit buying process. We have made it easy to see quickly which suit is perfect for you, just consult out Wetsuit Comparison Chart below:

blue-womens-wetsuit-jacket1_medium womens-shorty-wetsuit_compare womens-full-wetsuit_compare
Price $250 $350 $450
Thickness Bioprene is warmer 2mm 3mm 3mm
Entrance Zipper easy in, easy out – no embarassement front, diagonal front, vertical back with velcro sealed zipper clasp
Tapered Neck Design a performance seal, without the choking
Eco Friendly made of limestone based Bioprene
Stretch 513% learn more
Hourglass Cut just like you
Signature Belt for your inner bond-girl x
Hot Pant Shorts maximum leg elongation x x
Bum Stitching need we say more? x
Strategic Seams all compliments, no chafing sides, chest sides, chest, thighs, bum sides, chest, thighs, bum, calves
Sculpting Panels instant vacay bod sides, chest sides, chest, thighs sides, chest, thighs, calves
Full Length-Arms keep warm, keep having fun
Wrist Cuff Zippers easy in, easy out
Leg Zippers easy in, easy out x x
Swish Patches
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Check out our fun Swish wetsuit video and see how easy it is to get on your Swish!