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Wakeboarding Down Under

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I am currently living in Brisbane and a few friends, and this weekend I went with some friends to the Gold Coast to go wakeboarding. We packed up the car and headed to Lake Moorugah without incident except a slight Australian roadblock. I was slightly nervous as I had not been wakeboarding since I was 12 and even then I only tried it a couple of times. Luckily I had my Swish "One Line" jacket in bright pink to make me feel better.

My friends went first to show me how it was done, then it was my turn. I gripped the rope held my breath and thought, "Up!" Miraculously when I opened my eyes I was up! Do you see the big smile on my face?

After a successful first run of only two wipeouts. . . It was concurred that I could try a jump. Something that I had never tried, but o h so badly wanted to do. Besides looking really cool, when you jump you can get some serious air to FLY!  I got some instructions on how to cut into the wake, and went for it on my next run. I managed to get airborne a couple of times and got used to the feeling.

I can't wait to go again and try to get up higher! Next step is to jump the wake (actually that might take a while).

It was an amazing day and I had a lot of fun discovering a new sport. I can't wait to go again. Many thanks to my friends from Adreno Scuba diving who made it all possible.