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Victoria Takes the Polar Plunge in her Swish Bikini!


North Avenue Beach  

I think that you all know how I feel about the cold. . . I like the snow for snowboarding, but the cold? I pretty much hate it! Which makes me a whiny little . . .  Even I got sick this winter of my incessant whining this year.  So, I decided that shock therapy was the way to go and signed up to do the Chicago Polar Plunge benefiting the Special Olympics Chicago. The spirit of Swish is to do things that challenge you, so I thought there was no better way to do it than in my bright pink swish bikini!  Plus, the cause is near and dear to us as we believe everyone should have a chance to get in there and do the sports they love.

The morning of the plunge was unseasonably cold, but I was ready to be "Freezin' for a Reason!"

Water and air temp the morning of. -4 and 0 C. BRRRRR!!!

I joined thousands of plungers on North Street Beach where the snow had been pushed back to revel a layer of slush that we were to jump into.  Many came in crazy costumes and with teams of their friends supporting their favorite athletes.  Watch the Special Olympics Committee's video here to see some of the crazy outfits and crazy smiles on everyone's face!


I was a little nervous while waiting in line, because I was already cold in my parka and boots!



When it was my groups turn to plunge, I took off sprinting as fast as I could so that I did not have a chance to turn back.  Hitting the water was. . well more shocking than refreshing.


It takes your breath away with a sharpness in your chest; however, after a few moments your skin goes numb (a sensation that takes a while to wear off!)  The post plunge beer tent really helped with the thawing though!



At the end of it all the discomfort was minimal and the amount of fun was great.  I will be polar plunging the rest of my life.  The event raised over $1 million dollars benefiting Special Olympics Chicago, and that it something I will plunge into any freezing lake for!

Have you ever polar plunged?  Tell us about here! Also check out our plunge video on Qwiki! http://www.qwiki.com/v/LTcRv1g2?fb_action_ids=366952883419147&fb_action_types=qw_qwiki%3Acreate&fb_source=aggregation&fb_aggregation_id=288381481237582