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Tory Goes Waterskiing: Getting Back into an Aquatic Sport

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Is there an aquatic sport that you used to love, but have not done in a while? How was it getting back into it? Let us know! Ok so I think that it is pretty obvious that we here at Swish Suits love all aquatic sports as do all of you who read my blog and actually find it interesting (I love you, you make me feel relevant!) To the rest of you. . . what is your problem. . . seriously. . . aquatic sports are amazing! haha.

Unfortunately, however strong one's love of certain aquatic sports is, life is life. Sometimes certain things come up that can prevent one from taking part in a favorite hobby.  This was the case for me with water skiing.

I grew up water skiing every summer on the lakes up in Canada. I was greatly inspired by my mother, Carolyn Berg, Swish Suits' investor, who water skiied all of her life and is still out there now swishing about!

old school womens water skiing

As such, I donned my first salaam ski at the age of 14 and spent two blissful summers swishing about!

Unfortunately these images are of the last time I water skiied in 5 years as right after I moved to Montreal, Canada (for the beaches naturally) and started university. During this period I also started diving compulsively, and water skiing was pushed to the back of my aquatic addictions.

This summer I went to visit my uncle in Bend, OR.  He is a fantastic waterskier who competed in both salaam and trick skiing. This was an opportunity for me to get back into the world of doing sports above the water! And, it was also a chance for me to test out my swish womens wetsuit jacket.

womens wetsuit jacket

I was slightly nervous, as I was skiing with a bunch of professional competitors who were busy zooming around the salaam course. Fortunately I was able to get up on my second try!  We spent all day skiing on the lake. I wiped out constantly, but still had some great passes! Needless to say I had a pretty rough time the next day trying to navigate myself around the airport on the trip home. Almost asked the stewardess to bring me ice for my thighs!

It was a great day, and I am vowing to get back into waterskiing, as I have rediscovered my love for it!

Several Tips on How to Get Back Into a Former Aquatic Sport

  1. Just get in there! It is not going to happen until you say yes!
  2. Don't be too hard on yourself. No one is judging you. In fact they are probably so happy to be sharing a hobby with you. And if they are judging you, then they are not worth your time!
  3. Go for it! Give it your all when you are out there. This being said, please remember to be safe. Do not push yourself outside of your comfort zone, or extend your limits just because you trust who are with.
  4. Laugh. When you mess up or wipe out. Laugh and get back up. Aquatic sports are suppose to be FUN!
  5. Ice. . . Oh my loads of ice. . .

OK so I hope that you all go out this weekend and rediscover some passion for something from the past. Then let us know! Until then. . . Swish on my friends.P1000348 resized 600