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Transcend the Norm: Purple "ONE" Line Jackets now out!

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Purple is a powerful color. It is the color of our seventh chakra, or the crown chakra is in balance you feel pretty awesome about yourself and the world. Do you know what else is awesome? The new purple "ONE' line jackets that are available online now from Swish Suits! http://swishsuits.com/collections/one-line This week, Swish Suits is bringing some wicked balance into your life with our purple jacket that can balance all your needs. Stay tuned for our ultimate yoga playlist and a girls guide to easy detox tips!


Swish"ONE" line  jackets in transcendental purple can take you from yoga to the beach to dinner without making you feel out of balance with your surroundings.   A tiny sleeve pocket fits keys, money, and credit cards. Front and back ruching flatters the figure and the logo on each sleeve let’s everyone know you are a swish girl.


The Purple Way of Life: The Power of Attraction and Other Feel Good Spiritual Stuff

By, Victoria and Brenda

As we previously mentioned purple is the color of the seventh chakra, which represents spirituality, strength passion, and self-identity. When this charka is open you are unprejudiced and aware of yourself and the world around you.  So basically if you are feeling especially awesome at the moment and thinking the world is awesome too then you are probably feeling pretty purple! Awesome. . .

That being said, our attitude effects what comes to us in life. You will always get what you expect. No matter how big or how small the thing is, you will always get what you expect to get. That’s just how the world works, in all its wonder and mystery. So why not try to focus that energy into the best possible channel. If you send good out, good will come back to you. This is a slight bend on the law of attraction which states that you attract in your life what you visualize and think about. A manifestation of your dreams if you will.  This is not to say that there are things beyond your control that will be horrible. It is your perception towards life that gets you through them with a good ending and good people around you.

So now you might want to ask, so if I expect to be a millionaire I will wake up tomorrow a millionaire? This is incorrect, unless you hold the winning lotto ticket ;) Visualizing a shallow end goal is not the same as visualizing your desires and going after them with a good attitude. If you are seeing the manifestation of your dreams… If you are seeing the pathway to your dreams being laid out in front of you…. Then you have a belief in your desires… And you can come out in the end feeling very in tune with yourself and the world. In other words, very purple!

Yes I know a very spiritual entry for me, which is not as usual. But we here at Swish believe in all the good things in life, and we want to create clothing that can go with you to everything that is joy, happiness, and goodness in your life. So grab your purple jacket and get ready to detox your body from all things negative on your way to opening that seventh chakra and letting joy and success in.

A Swish Girls' Guide to Detox: 5 Pain Free Tricks

1) Amp up  your daily diet with natural detox foods: There are certain foods that are so good for you that they can actually cleanse your body! Why not try adding a few to your daily diet.

-Switch one of your cups of coffee a day to green tea. You will also cut calories if you are one of those people who like milk and sugar in the their coffee

-Add blueberries to your breakfast. In your smoothie, on your cereal etc. Blueberries are powerful antioxidants

- Take a wheatgrass shot in the morning. I know it tastes a bit yucky, but it is so simple to just shoot it down quickly and then move on with your day. Three seconds for an amazing serving of veggies? Yes please!

-Squeeze lemons, oranges, or limes on your food. Squeeze some lemon and lime over your fish and chicken. Squeeze and orange over your breakfast or desert. In addition to supplying yummy flavor they will cleanse your system. You can even add the citrus juice to your water to give it a zing!

2) Take a twist: Yoga twists are great for digestion and to detox your organs. if you are a yogi, you practice these already. If not, then try adding a few easy twists to your workout. Remember they should not be painful! Always practice twists with a no harm policy towards your body. Here are a few simple ones.

-Warm up: Sit down on the ground with both legs in front. Sit up tall with seat bones centered. Place one foot over the opposite leg and plant it on the ground. It should be right above your knee. Now breathe in a stretch up while you twist your torso towards the bent knee. Place your bicep in front of the knee for support. Exhale and relax into it. Stay here for 6-10 breaths and repeat on the other side.

-Cool Down: Lie on your back with your legs together. Take one leg over the other in the same position as the warm up except you are lying down. Now take your opposite hand and gently take your knee over to the opposite side while allowing your other arm to lie out ward in a straight line away from your body with an open palm. Turn your head to your open palm. Breathe. Make sure to keep both shoulders flat on the ground. Repeat on other side.

3) Detox Your Stuff: Spend a weekend getting organized. Pull up old to do lists and cross off things you need to do. Then go through all your things and throw out or donate everything you do not need. Now breathe. . . Feel better?

4) Sweat: At least five days a week you should work out so that you are actively sweating. Sweating pushes out all the gross stuff. ;) So climb that hill, go for  a run, a walk, to yoga, to the gym, join a sport, take a dance class. . . Just sweat it out!

5) Think Positively, Speak Positively, Have Positive Intentions: This is the hardest for us all. But thinking or speaking negatively about a person or a situation will never make you feel good about yourself and it is, in it's own way, toxic. So sit cross legged, place your hands in a prayer position, touch your thumbs to your third eye and say "Today I will think only good thoughts." Move your thumbs to your lips and say, "Today I will speak only good words." Now place your thumbs on your heart center and say, "Today I will have only positive intentions." Feeling purple yet?

Listen to our transcendental playlist while you do your detox actions! It is music for your seventh chakra! It is also a great vinyasa yoga playlist!

The Seventh Chakra: Purple "ONE" Line Playlist by Swish Suits by swishsuits on Grooveshark