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Top Moments in Women's Aquatic Sports

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Hello everyone! Sorry I have been MIA lately, my cave diving course really took it out of me.  It also got me thinking about how amazing aquatic sports are and all the really cool chicas who have been rocking it for years.  So I am writing this week's blog in order to pay tribute to those amazing women and also for you Swish reader! I am sure you are rocking it hardcore where ever you are at!  

Now with no further ado. . .

Top Moments in Women's Aquatic Sports

Is there nothing more iconic than the surfer girl? So clearly this blog would be incomplete without a mention of Layne Beachley.

Moment 1) Layne Beachley wins her 7th (yes that is right, 7th) world title.

women surfing

In 2008, Swish's good friend Jana Strain burst onto the scene, making waves in the freediving world by being voted "Best New International Freediver." In 2009, she won the world cup!

women freediving

Women's water polo is finally sanctioned with FINA in 1986.


In October of 2004, Verna van Schaik from Gauteng, South Africa set a new world deep diving record for women by diving to a depth of 221 meters at Boesmansgat. She descended to 221 meters in 12 minutes. Her deco time was five hours and 27 minutes.

Women Scuba Depth Record

Kristi Overton Johnson goes 1 @ 41 off in Slalom water skiing, breaking the world record!

Women's Slalom water skiing

Gertrude Ederle becomes the first women to swim across the English Channel in 1926 in 13 hours and 20 minutes.  "People said women couldn't swim the Channel but I proved they could"


And ahem. . . Of course Swish Suits comes onto the scene to provide all of  our iconic women with eco-chic wetsuits in order to create their own history! Now go Swish it up ladies!

womens shorty wetsuit

This blog is a work in progress so please feel free to comment or email me at victoria@swishsuits.com with anything that I have missed, or your own iconic moments! I will blog them!