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This Month's Eco Tip: Backpacks are back!

This Month's Eco Tip:
Backpacks are Back!

Backpacks... I personally do not know how could I live without mine! When running errands, it is phenomenally simple way to carry anything without using paper or plastic bags! Plus it leaves your hands free to ride your bike. So dig out your old school pack, jazz it up with whatever statement making patches you like, and commence a more eco friendly errand hour!

In addition to eco-ing up your errand hour, backpacks and bikes allow the user a lot of mobility. I always get an extreme sense of freedom when I strap on my backpack (maybe with a swish suit in it) grab my bike and go on an adventure! I have spent many happy hours biking around Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Isla Mujeres, The Bahamas, and Vietnam.  Now go pack yourself up and start your own adventure.

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