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Technical Diving Dahab’s Blue Hole with Team Blue Immersion: Guest Blog by Laura

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This week our guest blogger Laura is here to get you out of your Christmas comas with exciting tales of doing her technical diving training in Egypt!

Technical Diving Dahab’s Blue Hole with Team Blue Immersion by Laura

We all seek adventure in our lives and no diving experience can be more adrenaline spiking than delving into the world of technical diving. There is something otherworldly about descending into the monstrous abyss of our oceans which we know less about than space itself.

Technical diving involves diving beyond our recreational limits usually involving a use of special gas mixtures, diving beyond 40mts (130ft), staged decompression or diving in an overhead environment beyond a 40mt linear line from the surface. It requires specialized equipment, advanced training, experience and above all else discipline. It is the ultimate thrill and no amount of words can describe the feeling of accomplishment after extensively planning and completing a tec dive.


I had my first taste of tec diving on Koh Tao, Thailand with the wonderful team at Ban’s Tec starting off with an intro experience and I ended up completing my Tec40 course there. I loved the discipline and the new level of diving skills acquired as I’m always thirsty for that next challenge and endeavored to take it further. That’s when I decided to make the jump from Thailand to Egypt to experience the delights of the Red Sea along with the epic Team Blue Immersion at Dahab Divers Technical.

No diving destination has ever fascinated me more than the Red Sea with such extreme terrestrial desolation of arid desert meeting the rich underwater Nirvana of marine life, the experience is like going from night to day. Team Blue Immersion are close friends of mine and in more ways than one have changed my life for the better from helping guide me through my initial Dive Instructor training to coaxing me further over that tec precipice making me ever thirsty for more.


All our training was done at their shore front store with only a short hop off the beach you are descending into depths of 40mt and beyond at Lighthouse dive site. The first few training sessions are spent in the shallows working on trim body positions, back finning, maneuvering and neutral buoyancy to completely alter your previous diving abilities to an elite level.  Once skills were mastered and after much anticipation it was time to do the thing I had longed for; take a decompression dive in Dahab’s famous Blue Hole.


The Blue hole in Dahab is a submarine sinkhole, a kind of vertical cave which reaches depths of 130mt with a 26mt long tunnel known as The Arch which leads from the central zone of the Blue Hole out to the open ocean, the top of which lies at 56mt. The clear blue waters and its arch are the reason for the Blue hole being notorious for diving fatalities as the water clarity is deceptive making the arch appear shallower and shorter than it actually is, hence the temptation for inexperienced divers to attempt to go through it without the appropriate training.


I am so excited I could burst.  After prepping the gear and an extensive dive briefing going over our deco schedules we entered the rich blue water and signal our descent. The sight within the first breath underwater is outstanding such a rich life below the surface and my first deco dive in the Blue Hole was one to remember but soon to be eclipsed by my first Trimix dive through the arch. That was truly a dive of a lifetime seeing the ghost of the arch up ahead I could finally understand how enticing it was and the feeling of awe to look up at this archaic rock roof as you went through the arch I’ve never felt so alive!


It was the most memorable dive of my life and one I recommend to all you Swishers. Thanks to Team Blue Immersion for making me a Tec addict! I am ever thirsty for more!