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Teaser of the "Swish Summer Surprise" Campaign

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Swish “One Line” Teaser: Which  “ONE" are you today?
Welcome to a line that is as diverse as your life! Over the month of June we will be releasing all six colors of the new Swish “One Line.”  So choose which color is right for you and play along with us this summer!
Featured products:
Jacket (Available in Pink, Yellow, Purple, Black, White)

Vest (Available in Green or Yellow)

Crop Top (Available in Pink or Black)

The featured colors are: YELLOW, GREEN, PINK, PURPLE, BLACK, and WHITE. So whether you are feeling SPORTY, EARTHY, FLIRTY, TRANSCENDENTAL, COSMOPOLITAN, or ELEGANT, your perfect jacket awaits!
One color will be released every few days, so be sure to check our blog and facebook page  for your favorite color! Each color will have a special blog, exercise playlist, behind the scenes video, workout tips, and more based around it's theme! Once the featured color is released you will be able to order it through our swish store.

Which ONE are you today?