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Biker Chick and Yogi Pat Bailey Rocks Her Swish and Her Own Style!

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It is no secret I have been sneakily adding yoga pics and videos into the Swish brand for a couple years now after becoming an instructor myself in 2011. I found that yoga not only helped me control my breathing underwater, especially adding to my apnea experience but also just my general lifestyle and vibe in a way nothing else has ever before for me. Yoga changed my life, not in the same way as diving did but I feel that yoga was the finesse, the cherry on my sundae of life experience. It drove home and made sense of all the special things I felt underwater. So for the month of July, we wanted to share a very special yogi and athlete with you all, Miss Pat Bailey. We at Swish have been watching her on IG for a year now, but she has grown so #instafamous with a following over 62K that she is now a recommended account to follow by the makers of instagram itself as @patbailey! She was kind enough to send us here at Swish killer photos of her rocking out her Swish ONE Line Jacket in Sporty Yellow.

Swish Suits


Pat started Yoga with PB and is a Bhakti Vinyasa Flow RYT September 2014 with a Moksa Flow Studio Coming in 2014 #moksaflow. She is also one badass biker!

yoga with PB


More on PB just general being amazing.

Yoga with PB 1412550_1443681235858532_969868360_o

We cannot promise that buying our Swish ONE Line Items in Yellow with make you as cool as Pat, but we can promise you might get that little edge you need. So get them 30% Off while you can for July only here.

Swish On for now and much love!

Interested in Swish Yoga? You can check out some of our Swish Yoga vids in YouTube

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/ZCoRJ0Oc9D8?list=UUyEijdG1sKcwebSTQeJtoIg" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Swish Style Self Love!

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Swish Eco Design! So I have furniture now, courtesy of my father. Typical of Swish (and my hippie beach bum type bent to life) everything is hand me down and thus eco. It suits me just fine, this eco-ness. I love that everything in my place is reused. I have always loved buying things second hand. I started to shop almost exclusively at Goodwill and thrift shops about the time I was allowed to drive the family truck around backwoods Chicago, much to my father's distain, but I loved it. I loved feeling like I was being resourceful, being unique, and I always hated the mall on some unexplainably deep level. The rows and rows of Abercrombie polos in bags with models on them that I once looked at thinking they were so old and cool, but now look to me like I might actually have been their baby sitter or worse, possible mother. On a lot of levels I love my furniture even though I actually had no choice as I somehow just seem to never have money. I am starting to feel like this may be a choice though. Are there people out there that might not be super motivated by money and am I one of them? And if so, how strange are we?

I am starting to think quite strange. My strangeness here in Miami is palpable in a way it never was in the land of the beach bums and misfit beach toys of Playa. I went to a spin class at the Four Seasons gym where I teach yoga these days and as I was working on putting my feet over my head after class, a Chelsita usual, a yoga student of mine and her friend came over. It took the friend about 5 seconds to say to me "So you are not from here." I honestly cannot pinpoint what it is that makes it so obvious that I am not from Miami, or likely from anywhere in particular that one can easily pinpoint. This statement has been following me everywhere, it is the very first thing people ask me. And, oddly, I have an accent, from where no one including myself seems to know. My only hope is that it is charming.

Typical Feet Up in my Swish!

I am sort of stuck somewhere between feeling proud of myself for making such unique and different life choices and feeling like a child very behind on their homework. I flow from proud to embarrassed every 5 min of so abstinently taking the path less travelled or more aptly in my life choices, the path less machete'd. When I have a look around here, pretty much everyone I meet that is in my age category is miles and miles ahead of me in so many ways. The new tinder friend I mentioned from my last blog recently invited me over to his place, the gorgeous new place he just bought courtesy of his big bank job complete with his specially frozen spherical ice cubes. Well, actually his guests apparently get a choice of spheres or large scale cubes......I guess the difference I feel between an individual like him and myself is actually measurable. I think that I am starting to be at an age where we can physically see the manifestation of one's life choices. You can see the physical evidence of what makes them tick and what they used their 20's to do/build. I have my handstands and Swish leggings and others have fancy ice and savings accounts. I suppose the mature way of looking at this is to see that perhaps just because my choices are a little less backed up and valued by society, does not mean that my difference is a bad one. But feeling so different has started to challenge an inner belief of mine and a tattoo I have long had on my wrist "It is not or, it is and." Meaning cannot my path less paved coincide with a savings account? I remember these feelings before when living in Chicago for a year in 2010, and hence my tattoo. Within society I have always felt the pressure to be and act certain ways, we all do. I think this is why I lived like a beach bum expat for so long. But like the tattoo on my wrist, the answer is always inside. While I am flailing around feeling so different and out of it here in Miami with every second person stopping to ask me where I am from, why cannot it not be both? Why cannot I not feel different and a part of it all at once? I think it is possible to love what makes us separate but still a part of the togetherness. And that feeling different does not mean that I have to run this time around. I have moments, quite a few these days during this transition, most especially when faced with new successful friends in the process of buying supped up jeeps from Heat Team Members, where I sooo wish I had not run away for so long. That I had stayed and choosen an easier path, planned, and would now be in a position to pay for whatever I need. But I am going to bank on my uniqueness, on my adventure, and on my very own vernacular. I choose to see my hippie adventures in this way because I have no choice. The years I spent mediating on my paddle board in the middle of the sea or hours spent at the bottom of the ocean in my Swish Suit (about 3,000 when I did the math) must be for something.

So, I have decided to break the pattern of self doubt. I have been TED watching and a particular one has stuck my fancy here on my used but fancy couch. Or maybe it was a talk about his TED talk, I am not sure and lost in all the links I have followed, but a Kamal Ravikant has been talking about mental looping that our brains do. We think that we think, but actually our thoughts are just loops of past experiences our brains just play over and over again. What this means for me then is that in my experience perhaps my mental loop just tells me over and over that difference is bad. But it is just a loop, and I am going to stop it. Maybe you can to and we can all embrace that which makes us unique and a part of it all :).


Love Yourself!




Swish Headquarters Moves to Miami: Will Our CEO Survive the Transition Back to the USA?


Not going to take it too seriously! So I am light, basically empty actually at the moment. Or at least my apartment and my social calendar are, having literally gotten off the plane to Miami from Playa del Carmen this Monday with my whole life in nothing but three suitcases (and one was my Biomat, so really two suitcases if you want to split hairs). I thought that moving to Miami, back to my birth country, would be a piece of cake. After all I am deep down American somewhere in there. But I have to admit this transition is kicking my bum. Wow, America, when did you get so big? Swish is an American company, with our proclaimed headquarters in Chicago, IL where we are incorporated (and where us Swish ladies are originally from), but I myself have not lived in the US in over a decade. But I still thought coming back would be one of the easiest transitions I have done when compared to my nomad on steroids diving instructing years. I would cross continents without blinking an eye, waltz up barefoot to one dive shop after another and never worry at all it might not work out. So why such the hard transition now to Miami? Have I spent too long outside the US, country of capitalism at its best and our largest Swish market? I am here as Miami is a huge market for us here at Swish (if you want to carry Swish in your store or be a Swish rep, write me below pretty pretty please, and maybe meet me for a tea....and be my friend.....). We are expanding into retail, but as I sit here typing this on my mattress on the floor as I forgot how expensive it is to live here in the land of plenty so I will have no furniture for the foreseeable future (and I count myself lucky with a mattress, before it was an air mattress), I am worried perhaps too many years spent floating on a paddle board in the middle of the ocean has left me unprepared to navigate my own home country.

Bed is all I got!!!

Case in point, socially I have no idea what is going on. A dear friend of mine back in Playa del Carmen mentioned I should try Tinder, a new networking/dating app you can download to potentially meet people. I am indeed giving it a go in the spirit of getting myself out of my empty apartment and to put some outings on my calendar, but I think more research is needed before releasing myself back out there. For example, on a Tinder meet up last week, my new friend asked me if I like the Heat, as in the Miami Heat a basketball team which I later googled, to which I asked “the sun?". Needless to say, I was mortified. I also used liquid dish washer detergent in my dish washer which I also had to have my neighbor show my how to use so it did not blow up my apartment, it can blow up right?

When in doubt, I hit the beach which looks a lot like my Mayan Riviera so Marley and I feel at home. If you are here in Miami, come find and talk to me, I am the one doing crazy inversions in my Swish bikini with Marley our Swish mascot mini Schnauzer. So will this Swish mermaid survive in the urban jungle of Miami? Please stay tuned, even if rocky I predict my transition will at least be humorous.

Come find us!

On a more serious note, we are indeed expanding into retail, if you or someone is interested in becoming a Dealer or Sales Rep, please shoot us an email: chelsea@swishsuits.com.

Still gorgeous beach!

Summer Solstice: 108 Sun Salutations with Swish Suits

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[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4NH2MJSLS8&list=UUyEijdG1sKcwebSTQeJtoIg&index=1&feature=plcp[/youtube] The Summer Solstice celebrates the first day of summer. This year Swish Suits went to the "Fiesta del Sol" hosted by Andana Yoga in Playa del Carmen. All the yogis in Playa congregated on the rooftop to do 108 sun salutations in unison to honor the sun which sustains life, and illuminates our hearts and minds.

In case you do not know, a sun salutation is a sequence, or a flow in yoga. You start in mountain pose standing up, fold forward, jump back into a plank pose, lower down, move into a back bend, then up to downwards dog, and finally jump forward feet to hands, then stand. Whew! Sun salutations really get the energy flowing in your body!

The ceremony started with song and dance in sanskrit to celebrate the sun. Then members of the Mayan community came out to deliver a blessing. It was beautiful. We then did 54 sun salutations facing the ocean and 54 facing the jungle.

Afterwards our bodies were tired, but our minds were very energized. During the last few salutations, the rain started to gently fall.

What a beautiful ceremony!

Swish Life: Mind, Body, and Spirit!

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Hello again everyone! Your health blogger, Chelsea Berg Creator of the eco-chic wetsuit company Swish Suits here. So how is the journey going? I started this personal journey to pure health inside and out 8 months ago but my journey has been strengthened lately by my yoga teacher-training course with Yoga By The Way here in Playa del Carmen, Mexico (www.yogabytheway.com). Thanks to yoga, I now really try to live my life with Ahimsa, which is an important tenet of Indian religions and a tenet we in yoga try to apply to our lives and our selves. The basic premise of Ahimsa is non-harming, non-violence, and kindness towards all things including non-human animals. For yogis, Ahimsa is the first and perhaps most well known of Patanjali’s yamas. Living within the guidelines of such a beautiful tenet has been amazing for me, I have never been so centered and kind to others and myself. Interestingly, I have never been healthier, more successful, or looked better! The area most impacted by my adherence to Ahimsa has been my diet, which is, gasp, what I will be writing this blog about today.

So, well I have been reluctant to start with such a tricky and loaded topic, but people the most important thing for your health, your mentality, your humanity, your spirit, your insides and out is to look at what you put in your mouth. PERIOD, we ARE what we eat.

Anyone stopped reading yet? Well, if you are here maybe you think, “I am healthy, I eat well, I exercise, I don’t really need any help here….right? Is this you Swish reader? WRONG! Do you eat meat? How about milk? Eggs? Enjoy your coffee? If you eat these things but know they are bad and you try to limit them, then you are well on your way little grasshopper….. But do you eat pretty much what you want and feel fine about it? Well, you shouldn’t! He he well, I am here to help. What I am writing in this blog is what I wish I had heard years ago. Take what resonates with you and remember that any little change is amazing and worth celebrating yourself for! It is amazing what a difference a diet change can make; it becomes a lifestyle and lifetime journey. Be excited, this is the number ONE most amazing thing you can do for yourself!

Okay, so my whole life I have considered myself a very healthy person. I have always been a jock and since the age of about 12-13 I began to be a regular jogger and gym rat. I played sports, ran cross country and track through university, competed as an international equestrian, ran triathlons, etc. You get the idea. All through this I maintained a healthy diet (we were never allowed any candy or fast food growing up, ever, thank you Mamita), I think I have literally eaten at McDonalds twice in my life, honestly. I even became a vegetarian for two years in high school (my sister and Swish Life Blogger, Victoria, likes to remind me here that I only did this for the attention, to be cool). I would say that the biggest vice I have always had has been alcohol. My mother gave us the incredible gift of family dinners every night of my life with beautiful wine and amazing food. But in my adult years, while other women were turning to ice cream, my sister and I more gravitated to wine to soothe the soul during stressful exam times or break ups. As an adult then, I never ever thought too much about having a glass of wine every night (or 2-3 or maybe share a bottle…..). My drinking along with still eating whatever I wanted as long as it was not junk food or white crap, I considered it healthy. In hindsight now I know my diet was actually not healthy at all. The transition I have been going through this past year has changed the way I view food and my body, and to really truly think about what I put in my body. It has been incredible, and I get better and better everyday. I honestly do not enjoy pretty much anything I used to eat; amazing things happen when you open yourself up to the challenge.

Okay, so what is the challenge how do you start this incredible journey of self-love? In the words of the Skinny Bitches (everyone PLEASE run out and read this: http://www.skinnybitch.net/products.html.

“This is not a diet. This is a way of life. A way to enjoy food. A way to feel healthy, clean, energized and pure. It is time to reclaim your mind and body.”

Ready friends? So the ideal diet PERIOD is veganism, no animal flesh (this includes fish), and no animal by-products so milk, cheese, etc……Now honestly please people before you go on the say your body needs meat for protein like you have been systematically brainwashed to think, keep reading. Sure evolution states we used to hunt and kill animals, so we need to eat the flesh of other animals, right? Wrong again, think about it. Cavemen maybe caught actual animals once and awhile and they only ate this flesh after actively hunting and running after it for weeks, maybe months. Did you run to McDonalds today dragging your neighbors cow on your back? I didn’t think so….

The Skinny Bitches shed some light on this evolutionary argument that man needs to eat meat:

“If you study animals in the wild, you will note that they do not rely on anything other than their natural hunting ability, speed, strength, claws, teeth, and jaws. Now look at yourself….Look at your flat, blunt teeth compared to a lion’s fangs. Compare your speed and agility to that of a tiger. Imagine yourself trying to run after an animal, catch it, and kill it using your bare hands, fingernails, teeth, and jaws. Not only would you look ridiculous, but you’d probably get your ass kicked too.”

So still think we are naturally made to be carnivores everyday? Our bodies are genetically and structurally designed to thrive primarily on plant foods. Wild carnivores have 10 times more hydrochloric acid in their stomachs than we do and sleep all day as the process of breaking down flesh is so taxing. So who of my readers gets paid to sleep all day?

Who thinks they love animals? Who would call themselves an animal lover? If you eat meat, you are not sorry. Of the ten billion animals slaughtered each year for human consumption the majority of them come from factory farms. In farms, the killing process for cows is getting a metal bolt shot and retracted through their head. But business is business and time is money so it is common for the stunners to miss the mark when trying to stun thousands of scared hogs and cows each day. But dead or alive the animals are strung up by a chain wrapped around their feet from the ceiling. In reality, most of these animals are still conscious, struggling, screaming while they wait in line to get their throats stabbed by workers. They then travel along a blood trail where they bleed to death. Again, it is difficult to get a god cut when the animals are kicking frantically so many are still alive at this point. Before the cows bleed to death, they are sent to the skinners where the skin is sliced from their heads while they are still conscious…..(Skinny Bitch).

Animals about to be slaughtered know it, they literally cry when their young are taken from them, they hear the screaming and killing and know they are about to die….If you eat animals period you are “eating fear, grief, and rage. You are eating suffering, horror, and murder. You are eating cruelty. You are what you eat….(Skinny Bitches again).” Really think about it people. You cannot have a beautiful healthy soul and mind if you are eating pain and rage, Ahimsa.

I personally never thought I could do it, give it all up the food that I thought I enjoyed. But honestly your body gets so happy with eating ideally none, or even just limiting your intake of animal products. Cheese was my big one, I never thought I could give it up, but now, I honestly do not think about it and I would never find the taste of a piece of cheese delicious these days. Now having said all this, I want you all to know that this is a journey. I have been working towards pure veganism and not drinking for 8 months now. Here is where I am:

I still eat fish and some seafood, I drink on the weekends or special occasions tequila and wine, and there are time when I slip and eat a piece of pizza or maybe cheesy pasta….it happens. What I do not eat ever is meat, poultry, milk or any diary (sometimes yogurt), eggs, sugar of any kind, white carbs. It has taken me 8 months to get to the point where I do not want these things and in fact quite ill when I eat them. I have even started to feel weird after eating fish now and a couple weeks ago I gave up coffee as it made me feel ill each morning. It is seriously a beautiful process! Your body literally starts to tell you what it does and does not want if you are willing to listen.

Now, here is my advice to you: start by limiting one item at a time. Keep limiting it until you body doesn’t want it, because it will happen trust me. Then pick another and limit that as well. My sister, Victoria, is the ultimate foody. Her all-time hero is the sarcastic bastard chef Anthony Bourdain: http://www.anthonybourdain.net/. Bourdain is famous for his love of gluttonous meat and has been quoted:

“Vegetarians, and their Hezbollah-like splinter faction, the vegans ... are the enemy of everything good and decent in the human spirit.”

So guess how long Victoria has been a vegan now? 7 weeks going strong……Victoria’s trick is to eat only when she is hungry and to eat only what is beautiful. That is really beautiful advice, everyone must decide what is beautiful in their mind and when there is nothing around to eat that is defined as beautiful in your standards for your temple, your body, then hold off, don’t eat it. Waiting will not kill you.

Anyone can do this period, you just have to love your body and the world we live in enough to start opening yourself up to the idea to live beautifully, peacefully, and healthy. I hope that you will all continue to read as even adopting a little bit of a healthier diet will impact your life positively in more ways thank you could have thought possible. I apologize for attacking an aggressive topic so soon on our journey but I believe that we cannot be healthy or positive in any aspect of our lives if we are eating unhealthy. Open yourself up, challenge yourself, and I PROMISE you will feel your spirit soar!

Swish Race to 2012: Change of Mind, Body, and Spirit Swish Style!

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Hello all you Swish Team out there! I hope you all had amazing summers of love, fun, and water! I did! I spent my summer here in Playa del Carmen, MX, otherwise known as the best place on earth.

I spent the summer doing the legendary, Beach Workouts with Ricky Alvarez and Luis Perez: http://www.facebook.com/pages/FFit-Functional-Fitness-Entrenamiento-Funcional/135539593123864.

I also really starting to commit to my yoga practice, practicing with my teacher, Juan Carlos at Evolve Gym: http://www.facebook.com/groups/35289076299/.

I even managed to fit in some diving, curtsey of the gorgeous businesswoman Ingrid who owns Akumal Dive Shop with her husband: http://www.akumal.com/.

So, you are saying to yourselves, cool Chelsea, but why are we reading from you now that summer (the typical water season) is just wrapping up? Well, my Swish friends, you are about to witness my overhaul/ramp up/personal health boot camp…. That is if you are interested ;)…did I guilt you yet? Okay but here we go, what I will be doing is my: “Swish Race to 2012”! The premise is this:

Living here in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, the center of ancient Mayan culture, has given me a respect for this culture that grew into interest and now action. Playa people have been talking about the coming of 2012 for the past three years I have been coming and living here. Mysteriously, the Mayan calendar ends on the morning of winter solstice December 21, 2012…Now here is where it gets interesting…Unaware of the Mayan calendar’s end date, Nahui-Ollin, Dennis and Terrence McKenna calculate the “end of time” from the Chinese I Ching to be December 22, 2012…Not to mention that astronomers know that in the late morning of December 21, 2012, the ecliptic (the Sun’s apparent path across the sky) will intersect with the galactic ecliptic (the projection of the Milky Way’s disc on the sky) to place the Sun at the very center, right between the solar path and that of our galaxy, an event that happens only once in the whole history of the universe….spooky eh? So follow me as I undertake an inside and out, subconscious and conscious cleansing and growing as the fateful day of the “end of time” approaches! Pretty dramatic, eh? In reality I will be continuing to research what this date really does mean, some believe this "end of time" will fulfill the Mayan prophecy of another ice age, while some believe that this date brings the dawning of a completely new era of further enlightenment. Who knows? But what I do know is that something very special is happening and I am lucky enough to be here in the center of the very culture prophesying this “end of time.”

Thus, I just haven’t been feeling like the enlightened being I should be going into 2012. He he far from it, and I just didn’t feel like I met my personal and health goals this summer. So, to rapidly change this I am excitedly taking my Vinyasa/Hatha yoga teacher training with the most amazing studio in Playa, Yoga By The Way with Ellen de Jonge and David Campos (http://www.facebook.com/yogabytheway). I am one week in and so excited and committed, and I know this is the best decision I have made in awhile ☺.

Whatever your aquatic sport and the training/health regime you practice for it, I think there will be a little something in this blog for you. Every week I will be giving you tips to a healthy living that I am doing that week or in general, along with some horoscopes, meal ideas, cool new gear, eco tips the pros use, new exercise routines that will help with your favorite aquatic sport, spiritual/energy inspiration, quotes and general tidbits to help inspire and motivate us all to keep sticking to our health and personal goals. Who couldn’t use a bit more inspiration? I will be blogging about my journey in general, cataloguing the physical, mental, spiritual, emotional changes and (hopefully) improvements I experience! I invite you all to join me, or at least read some of “Swish’s Race to 2012!”

I am going to sign off, sending each and everyone of you a huge hug of positive energy! I am leaving you all till next week with a quote one of my fellow yoga teacher trainees, the lovely Claire Beynon:

“Each Journey is a work of Art!" - ANONYMOUS