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Dolphin Wakeboarding?

Active Lifestyleswishreboot@solomongiles.comComment

A new sport? We all wish! We met the lovely and free-spirited Rachel Callhan and her Pro-Leezure crew in the Bahmas in 2012. The Pro-Leezure Crew, which consisted of Rachel and her boyfriend Grom Gormley also a pro kiter and their friend and captain Gary Rhodes . The crew was sailing where the wind may lead them for however long they felt like it trading kite lessons for food or any supplies they might need. We were fortunate enough to have been on the receiving end of one of those lessons.  We soon knew we needed to sponsor her wish Swish!


Rachel is now also a National Team rider for Best Kiteboarding.

Swish Suits
Swish Suits

We keep up with all her competition winnings but perhaps the most amazing thing we have ever seen from Rachel is her magical YouTube video gone viral with 8 million views of her wake boarding with dolphins! What a cool chick, Rachel.

Want more Swish: @SwishSuits, Swish Suits FB, and @Swish_Suits

Death Swim, Swish Chicago Headquarters, and Wild Man Jesse Levin!

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It is officially 7:30 am, cloudy as always in the great north city that is Chicago, and I am awake. Not only awake but already working. Why? Gasp! Would a Swish girl be awake working at such an hour? Ok, maybe awake to surf or yoga but work? What is happening to me here at home? "Chelsea Berg" "Swish Suits"

Never fear friends! I am not afraid of turning into an overachiever. I think I will always be more partial to a laid back vibe than trying too hard at anything. Typical Swish beach bummage dies hard and all that. I am awake now (but will be taking a siesta shortly despite best efforts in an hour or so for sure) as I want to record my morning. What could you call it....experience? More like minor cardiac arrest, a state that I never thought about experiencing rocking through my body. The descriptive words are due to escape me, hence the 7:30 accounting.

So, I swam in Chicago's great Lake Michigan this morning at 5:30 am with the wild man, Jesse Levin. I know Jesse as he is the Senior Cultural Chameleon for Brooklyn Boulders. A rock climbing gym from obviously Brooklyn, NY that is opening in Chicago's West Loop that promises to "offer progressive climbing and fitness experiences while providing an unconventional platform to bring the arts, music, and entrepreneurial communities together." Anyone else excited? So BKB Chicago is still being built and Jesse has been sent here as a Chicago neophyte to break the trail for BKB Chicago. I am still not sure despite spending a tortuous and lovely (perhaps a Jesse specialty?) morning with this community master if his 5:30 am habit of swimming in Lake Michigan in temperatures that only this weekend he claims have gotten warm at a breezy tropical like temp of 17 degrees Celsius (or 63 degrees F for you true Americans), can be called normality for him or spawn from new city boredom. He mentioned over much needed coffee at pretty much the only place open at 6 am after our "swim" that he is pro-gun due to all his time spent running disaster relief programs in Haiti, so I think we can all come to the conclusion that swimming in a freezing lake is perhaps more on the normalcy scale than not for my new friend.

"Jesse Levin" "Swish Suits" "Brooklyn Boulders Chicago"

I got back to Chicago from Miami last week and had texted Jesse to see if he wanted to grab lunch to which he responded, "sure but how about a swim?" I had seen Jesse's "swims" on FB posts and dubbed them in my mind more as "polar soul sucking vortex half drownings." Crazy bastard I would laugh. Oh god, did he mean to ask me to join in one of those? Uff, my hands immediately started to sweat and I loudly announced to my father and sister in the throws of morning coffee Jesse's crazy idea for tropical me. My father told me to "not die" which I thought was ludicrous until I googled findings and indeed two swimmers had just died a couple Wednesdays earlier of hypothermia that takes only minutes to set in in water of this temperature. Now I was not just dreading this, I was actually a little afraid. To put this in perspective though, for those of you that know me, I have accumulated an easy 3,000 submerged hours in the water teaching and otherwise. But all in tropical waters. The coldest water I have experienced was during my brief stint in Egypt working on liveaboards with water about 22 degrees Celsius (71.6 F) and the Cenotes in Mexico get about 24 degrees (75.2 F). 17 C (62 F) was going to be a whole other journey...But I own a wetsuit company so how can one say no? So I said yes and then let it plague me my weekend forward.

The night before our jaunt I had not heard from Jesse and maybe saw glimmers of hope I might be freed of this death swim when I broke down and texted him at 10 pm. Shoot, we were on. I got a text within a few minutes telling me an insulated swimming cap is a good idea. Apparently Jesse swims in nothing else but a cap and swim trucks. Are you starting to get a picture of this man? Needless to say, I had some splotchy sleep and even my dog was not excited to wake up at 5 am. At 5 am this morning Chicago was already a nice balmy grey 54 degrees F so I was already cold coming from Miami and all. I hop into Jesse's car and the vibe is great, I am feeling better. We arrive after a winding trip as I am not sure where we are trying to get to and Jesse is unsure where we are going period. I put on my Swish Wetsuit (www.swishsuits.com) and I see the gorgeous downtown Chicago skyline, the cloudy morning rising over the Drake Hotel. I start feeling jazz music and cognac curse through my veins (I mean I am deep down from here after all). I start to actually get a little excited about this and then......

"wetsuit" "womens-wetsuit" "swish suits" "chelsea berg"

"I refuse to put my face in, I refuse to put my face in, I refuse to put my face in." I just could not feel my arms, like I know they were supposed to be moving but I couldn't see them move and believe me my face was above water water so I could see them. Then they pretty much stopped moving all on their own. Pinching, what is pinching me? I am getting pinched, put your face in the water Chelsea dammit, move your arms, pinching ouch pinching, I cannot breath, like wow I cannot breath. Is this the beginnings of hypothermia, it is, I know it is. The breathing, why is air not going into my lungs, because at this point I could actually feel my lungs. Every breath entering my lungs felt like getting your tongue frozen to ice. And brain freeze, I had the worst brain freeze of my life, but not in my brain (as I could not bring myself to put my head in the water) but in my heart. I had heart freeze. My heart so far from my Swish tropical waters had just given up. I felt it shrink up to a hard little ball and start moving up to my throat in efforts to escape the cold I can only imagine. And then I was doggie paddling....oh how the mighty have fallen. I actually pride myself on my aquatic abilities and though never have I been much of a swimmer, I can and have knocked out a mile of swimming a few times in my life with moderate effort. But this, this was the beginning of death I am sure. Poor Jesse, I am sorry my friend. After probably 2 minutes maximum I had made it from one lake ladder to the next and I was toast. I shame faced paddled over and got out of the death water. I could tell Jesse was a little disappointed the great Swish CEO and mermaid extraordinare had made it maybe 3 feet as he had a lot more death swimming in him but he was oh so very nice about my failure.

And you know what the truly astonishing and slightly sick part of this all is? I will be back. Maybe it is the mermaid in me that never fails in the water, but something in my death swim struck a cord and I want more. How? I do not know and I am already dreading it. But I will be back Lake Michigan my friend.....I will be back. So you said Saturday Jesse? Any takers?

Swish Headquarters Moves to Miami: Will Our CEO Survive the Transition Back to the USA?


Not going to take it too seriously! So I am light, basically empty actually at the moment. Or at least my apartment and my social calendar are, having literally gotten off the plane to Miami from Playa del Carmen this Monday with my whole life in nothing but three suitcases (and one was my Biomat, so really two suitcases if you want to split hairs). I thought that moving to Miami, back to my birth country, would be a piece of cake. After all I am deep down American somewhere in there. But I have to admit this transition is kicking my bum. Wow, America, when did you get so big? Swish is an American company, with our proclaimed headquarters in Chicago, IL where we are incorporated (and where us Swish ladies are originally from), but I myself have not lived in the US in over a decade. But I still thought coming back would be one of the easiest transitions I have done when compared to my nomad on steroids diving instructing years. I would cross continents without blinking an eye, waltz up barefoot to one dive shop after another and never worry at all it might not work out. So why such the hard transition now to Miami? Have I spent too long outside the US, country of capitalism at its best and our largest Swish market? I am here as Miami is a huge market for us here at Swish (if you want to carry Swish in your store or be a Swish rep, write me below pretty pretty please, and maybe meet me for a tea....and be my friend.....). We are expanding into retail, but as I sit here typing this on my mattress on the floor as I forgot how expensive it is to live here in the land of plenty so I will have no furniture for the foreseeable future (and I count myself lucky with a mattress, before it was an air mattress), I am worried perhaps too many years spent floating on a paddle board in the middle of the ocean has left me unprepared to navigate my own home country.

Bed is all I got!!!

Case in point, socially I have no idea what is going on. A dear friend of mine back in Playa del Carmen mentioned I should try Tinder, a new networking/dating app you can download to potentially meet people. I am indeed giving it a go in the spirit of getting myself out of my empty apartment and to put some outings on my calendar, but I think more research is needed before releasing myself back out there. For example, on a Tinder meet up last week, my new friend asked me if I like the Heat, as in the Miami Heat a basketball team which I later googled, to which I asked “the sun?". Needless to say, I was mortified. I also used liquid dish washer detergent in my dish washer which I also had to have my neighbor show my how to use so it did not blow up my apartment, it can blow up right?

When in doubt, I hit the beach which looks a lot like my Mayan Riviera so Marley and I feel at home. If you are here in Miami, come find and talk to me, I am the one doing crazy inversions in my Swish bikini with Marley our Swish mascot mini Schnauzer. So will this Swish mermaid survive in the urban jungle of Miami? Please stay tuned, even if rocky I predict my transition will at least be humorous.

Come find us!

On a more serious note, we are indeed expanding into retail, if you or someone is interested in becoming a Dealer or Sales Rep, please shoot us an email: chelsea@swishsuits.com.

Still gorgeous beach!

Going Green Swish Style is a Form of LOVE: How and why in the face of the trillion dollar fashion industry's wastefulness, we at Swish cultivate and express our personal eco-consciousness

Eco Tips and Environmentswishreboot@solomongiles.comComment

In an article by Beth Greer in July for the Huffington Post, it is stated that “poor working conditions, minimal environmental regulations, and child and slave labor are commonplace in the $1 trillion garment industry.” One of the largest problems, perhaps arguably the industry's problem period, is us consumers and our attitudes toward fashion and our apparel. We buy and buy to stay “in fashion” and on top of recent trends. In this way, here at Swish, we have sought to first change our own behaviour on a personal level.


Swish Ladies Take “Less is More” Pretty Seriously

Obviously being an apparel company, us Swish ladies are and have always been pretty into fashion. But being into fashion for us does not always translate to buying the newest Chanel (in fact I have only bought one designer bag in my life, an Louis Vuitton last year), it may be as simple as cutting up an old H&M shirt. One of our most basic concepts is to buy only items that we LOVE in effort to cut down on the amount we own and our closet turnover (using the bag example further, I have literally three bags: my large everyday amazing LV bag, a small dinner or night out over the shoulder Juicy Couture purse, and a super large oversized beach/all around adventure over the should bag recycled from old kiteboarding kites, this one is my favourite actually).


(This bag was a gift from the Pro Kiter, Swish Team Member, and all around cool chica, Jessika Winkler, check her out!)

This “less is more” attitude was one of the founding concepts behind our ONE Line. The ONE Line is aptly named as such as you only need one article of the ONE Line to use in the gym, to grab coffee with your friend, or paddle board in the ocean! By making our ONE Line items multipurpose and high performance, you need fewer items in your closet, and we manufacturers need not make three items where one will suffice. A little more about why we love being eco.

We Love Water




Sadly, it was reported in 2012 that “an estimated 17 to 20% of industrial water pollutioncomes from textile dyeing and treatment and an estimated 8,000 synthetic chemicals are used throughout the world to turn raw materials into textiles, many of which will be released into freshwater source,” The Guardian Sustainable Business. It is an interesting question for us here at Swish though, we are an aquatic company and we are using water to produce products for the water. To combat this, we have taken the following steps within our Swish machine:


1) All ONE Line and Swish Design Studio's (SDS) materials are located produced and sourced, we do not import anything we use in our Playa del Carmen factory.


2) All ONE Line and the SDS's products are locally made by Mexicans, our two factories here are family owned and operated and employ fair trade Mayan and Mexican labour.


3) All hangtags and any printing are made from recycled paper.


4) All wash care/size labels are made from fabric leftovers from other products.


5) The ONE Line principal of you need only ONE means less buying, fewer garments made, less waste produced.


6) Our wetsuits are Yamamoto neoprene which is made to order in Japan, meaning the all orders are custom and there is less waste in neoprene made that may sit there and need to be thrown out.


7) All our YKK zippers on our products are recycled YKKs.

8) Swish does not distribute printed materials of any kind and ALL business is done electronically.

9) Our internal business structure is global without our physical office presence, meaning less waste and overhead. We communicate via Skype and everything is electronic. We have our office headquarters and our business Swish investor Carolyn in Chicago, a fulfillment centre in Rockford, IL, our wetsuit factory is in Vancouver, CA, our SDS's two factories and offices are in Playa del Carmen, MX, our IT and web designer is based in Germany, and my other Swish Business parter, our South Pacific director and Swish Life Blogger Victoria lives in Thailand

Yamamoto Neoprene: Does being made from Limestone make our wetsuits eco?


There is some debate out there about companies calling themselves eco and green, when perhaps they are not fully. We here at Swish think this is deprecating and that all companies making any efforts at all to be more gentle in their environmental impact should be celebrated and rewarded! This leads me to the current debate around Yamamoto neoprene and its being a more Eco-consious choice of neoprene. Most of you out there reading this probably already know that we here at Swish use only Yamamoto neoprene, neoprene that is famous for being made from limestone instead of typical neoprene which is made from petrol. Aside from the irrefutable fact that any product not contributing to the oil industry is inherently more eco, limestone mining still uses oil dependent machines and limestone is still a non-renewable source. As Patagonia and Seventh Wave wetsuits put it, ultimately perhaps just using Yamamoto neoprene does not guarantee you are making a fully green wetsuit, but, we here at Swish sure as h$*$% see it as the only green alternative! A little more about Yamamoto neoprene revels that it is a more conscious choice of wetsuit material than its petrol brother:

  1. The limestone in Yamamoto neoprene is mined and heated at high temps, however, Yamamoto states that its production process uses one-tenth of the heat used in refining petroleum. Furthermore, this heat used is created by burning old used tires as well as hydroelectrically sourced from several locals dams. All heat waste is reused at a local eel nursery. Cool eh?
  2. Yamamoto neoprene is also warmer, for example our 3mm is warmer than any 4mm and is often still warmer than many 5mm suits out there. Because of the higher micro cell structure of limestone based neoprene, it means that less limestone and material is used to make the neoprene itself. Now what is not eco about that!
  3. Seventh Wave Wetsuits, make a great point in that since limestone based neoprene lasts 2-3 times longer than typical neoprene, it lowers wetsuit turnover rates and how many suits end up in landfills.
  4. Here is a little more about the material we use and love.

Eco is a Form of Love

To us Swish ladies, the whole concept of green and eco lies in our hearts. When you live the lifestyle that will demand the least you can from our earth, being eco is a mode of self expression! I am sitting here at a small family run cafe, I have with me one of my only three purses, my doggie, this macbook that I have had for 5 years, a glass used Voss water container I carry water around in, and my mode of transport which are my sandal-clad feet jeje! There are soooo many wonderful ways in which we can all do more with less, embrace it and get creative. Express your love and concern for our beautiful earth in your own unique way :).


I bought a car this year, but since 2010 I used bike as my only means of transport, I used to bike from fabric market to our factory, to our silk screener a few times a day transporting all our ONE Line Items with me!






We're back! Same Swish but easier on your wallet!

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Always wanted a Swish Suit but worried about the strain on your poor wallet? Well rejoice my swish ladies! Chelsea and I love you all so much that we have lowered out prices. That right, the same great swish suit, but lower prices! Order yours here at http://swishsuits.com/collections/womens-wetsuits But hurry, hurry, hurry, because we have just come back in stock and quantities are limited. So get your swish on today!


Women's full suit:

Was: $450

Now: $400

Women's shorty suit:

Was $350

Now: $325

Women's Jacket

Was: $250

Now: $225


Cave Diving in Song Hong with Ban's Tec

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In September of 2011, I journeyed to Thung Yi, Thailand with a team of three other technical divers form Ban's Technical Diving (www.banstec.com).  Thung Yi is home to the big sinkhole of Song Hong which has become a prime cave diving location in Thailand due to it's depth and penetration distances. The site consists of two ponds, one big and one small. These ponds are can be traversed by survey lines at 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60 meters. Complex circuits can also be completed at these depths, depending on the divers certifications.


I teamed up with my old friend, Craig Werger who now runs Ban's Tec, in order to do some fun diving in this big dark hole! We took it easy on the first day completing the 30 m circuit. As the days progressed, so did our dives until we hit the 40m traverse. Song Hong is very deep and very dark as it is freshwater. It also has no discernible floor. This can cause many divers to feel the effects of nitrogen narcosis and disorientation, therefore it is important to complete your cave training and to dive within your limits. That being said Song Hong is a fantastic dive in an overhead environment. It is mythically spooky, but in a good way. I felt a little bit like India Jones, or maybe a Ghostbuster.   For more information on the dives please watch "The Hydronauts of Song Hong" attached below.

The dives were excellent as Ban's Tec really knows their way around this cave system and takes extra time planning the dives with their clients so that they are comfortable with the cave layout and plan as well. Ban's Tec applies the latest tested techniques to cave diving, moving away from the old boy's school mentality that has been in place in certain areas of South East Asia, creating an enjoyable safe environment for cave diving in Thailand.

The town of Thung Yi (meaning big bag, or big field) is an interesting backdrop to cave diving. Locals will happily educate you on the creatures that live within the caves (dragons, a pale women, other creatures) and tell you ways to avoid being taken captive. The town is friendly and people will often drop by to check out what is going on.

I loved my time spent at Song Hong. The diving is very different from that of the Mexican Cenotes, and it was a great challenge. I hope return in the near future.

Now for Ban's Tec's latest video. . . "The Hydronauts of Song Hong"




Wakeboarding Down Under

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I am currently living in Brisbane and a few friends, and this weekend I went with some friends to the Gold Coast to go wakeboarding. We packed up the car and headed to Lake Moorugah without incident except a slight Australian roadblock. I was slightly nervous as I had not been wakeboarding since I was 12 and even then I only tried it a couple of times. Luckily I had my Swish "One Line" jacket in bright pink to make me feel better.

My friends went first to show me how it was done, then it was my turn. I gripped the rope held my breath and thought, "Up!" Miraculously when I opened my eyes I was up! Do you see the big smile on my face?

After a successful first run of only two wipeouts. . . It was concurred that I could try a jump. Something that I had never tried, but o h so badly wanted to do. Besides looking really cool, when you jump you can get some serious air to FLY!  I got some instructions on how to cut into the wake, and went for it on my next run. I managed to get airborne a couple of times and got used to the feeling.

I can't wait to go again and try to get up higher! Next step is to jump the wake (actually that might take a while).

It was an amazing day and I had a lot of fun discovering a new sport. I can't wait to go again. Many thanks to my friends from Adreno Scuba diving who made it all possible.

Jump for Joy!: New Social Media for Swish Suits!

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Hello to all  you facebook addicts out there (meaning all of us!) Want to keep updated on the personal adventures of Swsh Suits creator's, Chelsea and Victoria Berg? Well now you can. We have each created a personal page that is detailed our personal swish activities and advice on aquatic sports.

You can follow Chelsea at: http://www.facebook.com/chelseawb

You can follow Victoria at : http://www.facebook.com/SwishLifeBlogger#

As always be sure to follow our Swish Suits Facebook fan page at: http://www.facebook.com/SwishSuits

And don't forget our twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/SwishSuits

Want to see Swish in action? View our videos at our youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/SwishSuits

OK. . . I think that is it. . . For now ;)

Swish Suit's Guide to Our Favorite Beaches!

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Everyone has that fantasy, don't lie we know you have it too, you know the one where you step out of your door in the morning looking rumpled and impossibly fresh, and your backyard is the most beautiful beach in the world. This fantasy also has it's standard add in's such as an other attractive person, coconut cocktails, hammocks, extreme sports that we make look effortlessly easy, and beach party's with more attractive people in skimpy clothing. We know this fantasy, we have had this fantasy, and luckily we have been able to live this fantasy on our better days.  As such, we decided to make yours a reality and compiled a guide to the sexiest, most beautiful beaches we have been to for you reading pleasure. This is just a list of places we have been to, tell us your favorite beach in the comments area!

The America's

Tulum, Mexico:

Description: Bourgeois Hippie Chic

Tulum is host to a stretch of dramatic white sand beaches that goes for kilometers, sometimes punctuated by rocks and Mayan ruins. It is a great place to get away from the hustle of Playa del Carmen and Cancun, and a particularly great bonding spot weather it be among friends, family, or significant others. The beaches in Tulum have been saved from the beach front development that has plagued the rest of the Yucatan leaving them with little pollution and smell. Nudity is not uncommon, nor does anyone seem to really care. Beach bars crop up normally as a part of the bungalow style hotels. Papaya Playa hosts amazing beach parties with techno music spun by world famous dj's; however, the vibe in Tulum is always very accepting. It is a truly magical place

Sports: Mostly just kiteboarding. You can also count in trendy drum circles.

Attire: Whatever you feel represents your inner aura! People tend to steer to bikinis, head scarfs, and tribal like jewlrey. Stylish without trying.

Playa del Carmen, Mexico:

Description: Party with attractive ones.

The beach in Playa del Carmen is host to some of the most attractive people I have seen.  Hailing from Mexico, Central America, South America, Italy, and the States, these gorgeous ex-pats know how to party. There is generally a beach party every week, and Playa hosts several large festivals every year, the biggest being BPM festival in January. This year Playa was host to Richie Hawtin, Nicolas Jaar, Benoit & Sergio, plus many others. The party pumps at beach clubs up and down the strip, some can go all night, and some are very chilled out and civilized.  From fine dining, to reggae, to rock, to techno, to chilled out, there is something for everyone on this beach as the restaurants and bars are numerous.

Sports: Swimming, snorkeling, Kiteboarding in Playacar, dancing, PEOPLE WATCHING!

Attire:  Day- Your tiniest bikini, over-sized shades, and some large jewelry Night- Slinky dresses showing off your tan and sparkly flats.

West Bay Beach, Roatan

photo credit: Lauri Väin

Description: Diver Chill

 West Bay Beach is the best beach on this dive centric island. Enjoy a massage after snorkeling and diving or a drink at the Bananarama bar. Hammocks and white sand await.

Sports: Diving, Snorkeling

Attire: Anything breezy. Roatan is a very chill island.

South Beach, Miami

photo credit: Phillip Pessar

Description: Art Deco meets Miami Vice

Transport yourself into the glitzy scene of SoBe. Shallow, why yes! But deliciously so. Made famous by Miami Vice, South Beach is known for it's white sand beaches right of of the hotel strip. Lounge about on chairs by the pool that over look the ocean at the Ritz Carlton, Lowes, and the Delano which exhibit old art deco in it's finest. There is not much to do on South Beach except sip fancy cocktails and gossip saliciously. You can have your Mensa meeting another time. . .

Sports: Some volleyball. You can bring your own paddle ball etc.

Attire: Anything from the resort collection of the hottest designer. Prints and colors are big here. Don't forget the neon manicure

Pink Sands Beach, Harbour Island, Bahamas

Description: It's pink, yo!

This beach is really pink. Situated on Harbor Island in the Bahamas, the pink beach is visually stunning. It is not excessively long, but lovely for a stroll or a picnic. It is never busy so it can be the perfect spot for that dreamy sunset with someone wonderful. It is also a spectacular place to hit on your morning run before breakfast at the local cafe.

Activities: Running, walking, picnicking

Attire: It is the Bahamas so either resort wear or your yachting wear

Asia/ Pacific

Freedom Beach, Koh Tao, Thailand

Description: Lagoon Bliss (complete with drunk scuba instructors)

Freedom beach is located on the bustling dive island of Koh Tao. This beach is tricky to get to as it is on the far side of the island.  Pack a picnic (no restaurants on the beach) and head for a chilled out day with lagoon like waters. Most people tend to spend the day sitting in the shallow turquoise water nursing a beer.  Like everyone who comes to Koh Tao, this is a great place for chilling out with your dive instructor that you swear you are in love with. . . for the moment. However on freedom beach it is a beautiful moment.

Sports: Lounging. Possibly kissing. ..

Attire: It is on tiny island in Thailand. No shoes, no shirt. . . maybe a pair of cutoffs if you are feeling fancy.

China Beach, Vietnam

Description: Quiet in Vietnam

The US Army used to send it's troops to China Beach during the Vietnam war when they needed rest and recovery. The beach is located outside of Da Nang and has a surfer chilled out vibe. Kate and I arrived here for her much needed beach therapy after years in Northern China. The beach is calm with midgrain tan sand. During the on season you can see surfers headed out to catch the waves in the early morning.

Sports: Surfing

Attire: It is Vietnam so a little more conservative. The sun can be deceptively strong so please use sunscreen.

Padang Padang, Bali

Description: Rocky Beach Shredding

Padang Padang is on the peninsula of Uluwatu where surfing rules life. This beach was made famous by huge surfing competitions by the likes of Billabong. It is a very dramatic setting. You walk down a rock stairway onto a beautiful beach with rock caves and lush foliage. Grab some bintang and Balinese grub from the little huts set up and watch world class surfers hang ten.

Sports: Surfing, paddle boarding, body boarding

Attire: Bali is very hippie chic or surfer. So either pile on the ethnic jewelry and rich sarongs from your travels, or put on your bright aviators and boardshorts.

Whitehaven Beach

photo credit: Jeremy Vandel

Description: The Most Beautiful Boring Spot in the World

Set off the beaitful Whitsunday Islands in Queenslands, Whitehaven beach has been on every top beach list that comes out. The sand is 98% silica which gives it the bright white color and the tides change the swirl patterns on the beach. As an actual beach to go sit on, I do not find Whitehaven that impressive. There is nothing much there and from the ground level it does not look as it does in photos. However, the Birdseye view is AMAZING. Even better than professional photographs. Take the hike to lookouts and spend your day there watching the tides with your camera. You will not be disappointed.

Sports: Bring a frisbee.

Attire: Sunscreen, a hat, and some hiking shoes! The sun is impressively strong and there is good hiking on the island.



photo credit: The Travelling Bum

Description: Tapas at Sunset with the Euro Jet Pack.

Barcelona is one our favorite beaches for a sunset picnic. It is quite fun to head here for your fist spot on your bar and tapas tour. Pick up a bottle of cava and some olives and go sit on the sand with the rest of the locals.  You might meet some friends who continue the tapas crawl with you.

Sports: Looking good. . . in black. . . Cava drinking. . . attractively (it is tough)

Attire: Classic black  one pieces with beautiful design and big classic shades for day. European casual at night (ie designer jeans, scarf, leather jacket)

Amalfi Coast

 Description: Italian Riviera Chic

The Amalfi Coast is stunning. Unfortunately the food is so good you might have trouble fitting in your swimsuits. Luckily the coast is set upon dramatic cliffs that overlook the sea and you can work off that cheese and wine by climbing up and down to reach the beach. Spy on attractive Italians as you sip limoncello (popular in the region).

Sports: Soccer, Brocce

Attire: Simple and chic.

So that concludes Swish Suit's Guide to Our Favorite Beaches. I know our guide will grow as we continue to travel, but in the meantime fill me on your favorite beach and why I should go there in the comment section below.

Ciao and go get that dream.

Happy International Women's Day from Swish Suits

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Swish would like to wish all of you a very happy International Women's Day! Everyday is a celebration of you amazing women at Swish, but we are taking special consideration today of all the feats accomplished by women throughout the centuries from Susan B. Anthony to Mia Rudolph, Margret Thatcher to Marie Curie, Serena Williams to Layne Beachley, women are awesome in all shapes and forms so today in celebration we encourage you to get out there and dedicate a portion of your day to an amazing women! Catch that wave, hit your arm balance, dive deep, swim fast and think about how this person had shaped your life. I guarantee there is someone else out there dedicating their practice to you!

"If you don't love what you do, you won't do it with much conviction or passion." ~ Mia Hamm

We are honored to have so many amazing women on the Swish Team and we would like to thank them personally for their inspiration in creating Swish Suits. Ashley, Allie, Brenda, Cailey, Cara, Dominique, Emily, Farrah, Jessica, Kaila, Kate, Krista, Morgan, Sandra, Stephanie, and anyone else who has supported Swish over the year.  You make Swish great!

"Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe." ~ Gail Devers

 “ Women should feel absolutely empowered to be doing these awesome sports in such a beautiful place as the water... in any water. ” -Chelsea W Berg, CEO & Creator, Swish Suits