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Summer Solstice: 108 Sun Salutations with Swish Suits

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[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4NH2MJSLS8&list=UUyEijdG1sKcwebSTQeJtoIg&index=1&feature=plcp[/youtube] The Summer Solstice celebrates the first day of summer. This year Swish Suits went to the "Fiesta del Sol" hosted by Andana Yoga in Playa del Carmen. All the yogis in Playa congregated on the rooftop to do 108 sun salutations in unison to honor the sun which sustains life, and illuminates our hearts and minds.

In case you do not know, a sun salutation is a sequence, or a flow in yoga. You start in mountain pose standing up, fold forward, jump back into a plank pose, lower down, move into a back bend, then up to downwards dog, and finally jump forward feet to hands, then stand. Whew! Sun salutations really get the energy flowing in your body!

The ceremony started with song and dance in sanskrit to celebrate the sun. Then members of the Mayan community came out to deliver a blessing. It was beautiful. We then did 54 sun salutations facing the ocean and 54 facing the jungle.

Afterwards our bodies were tired, but our minds were very energized. During the last few salutations, the rain started to gently fall.

What a beautiful ceremony!