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Tech Diving Team Puts Swish Suits to the Test

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Oh my! Swish keeps on getting so many compliments that it is making our head spin with gratitude! Check out the latest from Jonas Samuelsson, Tech Diving Instructor and Course Director at Blue Immersion in El-Dahab, Egypt.

“Team Blue Immersion tested Swish over lots of dives deeper than 100 meters here in Dahab and the conclusion - its the best stuff we seen out there!!! warm, comfortable and very cool looking! the team blue immersions female member cant stop talking about it!!! Mexico for caving and trimixing in August for more tests”

- Jonas Samuelsson, Multi award winning PADI Platinum Course Director and Technical Diving Instructor Trainer and Fourth Element Diver

Blue Immersion is a tech and free diving school with bases in Dahab Egypt, Eilat Israel, and  Koh Tao Thailand.  Blue Immersion is an unique educational facility in which the student learns in a "team" environment, that is to say that the student is involved in all aspects of the dive from planning to execution. Their philosophy is that by being completely engaged in every dive that you make during your training, students will be better adept at planning and executing dives in the future and candidates moving on to an instructor level will be better prepared to organize and teach courses.

Jonas conducted Chelsea's IDC in 2007 and my divemaster's in 2009 as well as doing our cavern course together in 2009. Swish misses his instruction and guidance everyday. I am headed to Egypt soon though to take more tech courses under his excellent instruction!

The suits were worn by Gal Atival and Chloe Villaume during a 101m dive at Dahab's blue hole with Team Blue Immersion. We think that these Swish girls are beautiful, brave, and talented and cannot wait to be diving with them again!


This video was shot and edited by Aron Danial Arngrimsson who is part of the Blue Immersion Tech Diving Team as well as an accomplished videographer.