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Swish Takes 10% Off This Holiday Season!

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Happy Holidays from us here at Swish Suits! Just in time for your holiday shopping we are announcing our 3rd Annual Holiday Sale.  We do not care if you have been naughty or nice this year- we are taking 10% off EVERYTHING!  This Friday does not have to be so black, hurry to the Swish Store and stock up on our colorful products from now until December 20th.


The Swish Jacket; because a life this beautiful deserves a product that matches. This holiday season splurge on a swish holiday jacket while knowing that you are protecting the environment we love.

Original price: $250

Holiday Price: $225

The FAMOUS Swish Shortie. What better gift to give this holiday season than the wetsuit of Super Heroes and Angels? After all aren’t you both?

Original Price: $350

Holiday Price: $315


The Swish Full Length Suit. What other suit can provide you with this amount of freedom and warmth? Tiny microcells conform to your body ensuring that this holiday season will be the sexiest yet!

Original Price: $450

Holiday Price: $405

The “ONE” line jackets, vests, and crop tops. Why not add a splash of color to your stocking stuffers?

Original Price: $70 & $60 & $50

Holiday Price: $63 & $54 & $45

So whether you have been nice, or just the right amount of naughty, treat yourself to a suit that will make the mermaids scream with jealousy in the new year. Quantities are limited so hurry hurry to the Swish Store.

Happy Holidays. XOXO,

The Swish Team

The Kardashians Get Swishy in Greece!

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I generally tend to live on islands and not watch a lot of tv due to poor internet or no English channels. . . However, right now I am in Chicago. This Friday I was just hanging out with my friends watching E!, and asking inane questions about things I had missed, when I spied this promotion for "Keeping up with the Kardashians" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9U9FOrGS7k

I immediately recognized our Swish Suits.  I was so excited to see a product that we make and love on a show with over 4 million viewers!

The girls went snorkeling in Mykonos and looked gorgeous and confident in their swish suits.  I hope it is the start of a lifelong love affair with the ocean.

Swish Eco Tip of the Month: Being Green at the Office

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Hello all, I used to be lucky enough to have my office be the ocean; however, at the moment I am in our headquarters in Chicago.  Now, I have written several articles on ocean conservation and what not, so I thought that this month's eco tip could be on how to keep it green in corporate land if like me you are stuck inside dreaming about the ocean ;)

View from my office at the moment. . .

1) Go Paperless

Who wants the clutter anyways? Many people are now using electronic signatures or digitally encrypted signatures.  If you do a bit of research or ask the IT department, you can start doing this too. I am also a huge fan of scanning instead of faxing, and keeping everything organized in dropbox for easy sharing! Poof! Papers be gone!

2) Bring Food From Home

Eating out can mean plastic containers and food from unsustainable sources.  Making an effort to bring your food from home can not only cut down on waste, but eliminate unsustainable food sources from your diet!  I am a big fan of glass containers as they microwave easily and are very durable.

3) Ditch the Car

Walking or biking to work is a great way to get exercise.  Bring a book with you on the metro and enrich your mind.  Carpool and get to know someone better.  Ditching the car is good for you and the environment!

View from our ocean office!

I hope to see you all in our ocean office someday soon!