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Green Parties: Swish's Eco Tip of the Month

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Who doesn't love a good party? We love entertaining ourselves and others here at Swish so we have compiled a short list of party specific tips to help you keep it green at your next get together. Remember, Eco is sexy! Picnic: What better way to keep it green than to hit the beach, park, or great outdoors? Grab your blanket and go! Here are a few tips to keep to keep it green along the way.

1: Avoid takeout: home cooked food almost always tastes better anyways and can be packed in reusable containers eliminating waste. It also gives you control over what ingredients you put in your food, and allows you to use sustainable locally sourced ones. Yummy!

2. Carpool: Or bike, or walk! Picnicking is about getting together to enjoy nature so why not enjoy it on the way over as well? If it is too far, start the party early by cranking some suitable tunes in your carpool lane.

3.  Use reusable utensils: Use reusable plates, cups, and cutlery in order to reduce waste. Yes it might take a bit longer to clean up but it will be worth it. If you do use something non-reusable just make sure to recycle. Most picnic sites have a recycling bin.

Bar: Meeting at a bar is convenient for everyone and does not leave someone with the nagging chore of cleaning up after the guests have departed; however, it is hard to control the effect a bar has on the environment, but there a few tricks that help.

1. Say no to straws!: Most people grab their drink and chuck the straw creating unneeded waste. Just kindly ask the bartender to ditch the straw while they are mixing.

2. Re-use your glass: Do you really need a new plastic cup? Does your glass need washing? How would you feel at home?

Home: It is always nice to host people or to enjoy someone else's hospitality. Here a few tricks to host an eco party.

1. Evites: No muss. No fuss. No wasted paper.

2. Colorful food: Skip the greasy catering or frozen egg rolls and create a beautiful table of fresh local produce. Your guests will love crudites and dip, fruit salads, seasonal gazpacho in little cups, mini sandwiches, grass feed beef burger, and a pasta salad with local produce.

3. Creative Elegance: Save all of your interesting wine bottles from previous occasions, you can then use them as vases for local flowers, or as candle holders.

Have a great time at your next bash and remember: Green is elegant, and eco is cutting edge.


The Swish Team