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Swish Suits Swim's For Sharks!: Big Blue Conservation 2011


Every year approximately 100 million sharks are killed for their fins. Sharks are brought up by long line fishing and their fins are then sliced off. The still alive shark is then discarded over board to sink to the bottom of the ocean where it will either drown, or be eaten alive.  The fins are then sold at high prices for either shark fin soup (a fin is tasteless) or for supplements. Due to the increase in demand for both these goods, sharks are rapidly decreasing worldwide and facing extinction.

Diving is a way of life on the island of Koh Tao, as the Gulf of Thailand offers many wonders of the ocean. One wonder no longer seen in the waters of the islands are sharks. There was a time only a mere six years ago where sharks were seen regularly. I have been diving there extensively over the past two and a half years and have not seen one. . .  Now a shark siting is a rare occurrence happening maybe once a year.

This year Dive Tribe Thailand hosted an annual shark release where funds were raised to buy live sharks from fishing markets and release them back onto the reef. This would be taped and followed by videos, educational tools, and shark awareness promotions. Money was raised on Koh Tao and several conservationists traveled to the markets of the mainland, eager to buy the some live sharks and release them to promote awareness.  Unfortunately, this is what they were met with at the markets:


Due to not being able to release sharks, Big Blue Conservation set up a fundraiser and shark awareness rally, called "Swim for Sharks." Participants would swim around Koh Nan Yuan (a distance of approximately 3 km) to promote shark awareness. Donations and proceeds from the after party were donated to a shark awareness charity.

I swam in the no mask no fins group and managed to finish second with a time of 1 hour 15 minutes! The event had 50 swimmers and the after party was a huge success, with over a hundred people raising money on the beach. Drink proceeds went to charity and people donated to have their friends heads shaved for charity.  Check out the full event in Big Blue's video! Can you spot Swish?


How to Conquer Open Water Swimming, Swish Style

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Hello all women swimmers! Do you love swimming in the open water, but are tired of freezing and not getting anywhere?  Do you have trouble fighting the waves, or maintaining buoyancy?  We here at Swish Suits have the answer![youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1LGA6o9z7sQ&feature=channel_video_title[/youtube] Swish’s Tips for Training for Long Distance Open Water Swimming 1)    Be Properly Attired: Make sure to invest in a good wetsuit.  Heat loss can cause a swimmer to cramp, or even worse, to suffer hypothermia. Also make sure to invest in a suit that is flexible.  Swimming requires a lot of movement and it helps to not be restricted. If you are biking or running immediately after, fighting with your wetsuit can cause frustration and wasted time. We suggest Swish Suits as their heat retention and flexibility is unparalleled. The Swish Team just ran the Chicago Triathlon as amateurs and said that their suits kept them both warm and cut down on their transition time. Also be sure to purchase properly fitting goggles and cap. Now you are ready to just get in there!

2)    Start Slow: Do not push yourself past your limits the first couple of times out. Open water swimming is very different than pool swimming.  The wide expanse and current/waves can be quite frightening the first time out, especially if you cannot touch the bottom. Take it easy until you get in a comfortable rhythm and are sure of your limits. 3)    Propulsion Techniques and Buoyancy: Your legs are much stronger than your arms; be sure to use them! A lot of people have trouble with their lower body sinking further down in the water then their upper body. This causes power to be lost when kicking as the momentum is directed upwards instead of forwards.  To solve this make sure your core is strong. Press your core towards your spine in order to stabilize your lower body.  This will cause your lower body to remain on the same plane as your upper body, meaning the power of your kick cycles will be directed forwards. Do not ignore your arms though. Extend them as far as possible and pull back while cupping your hand to move you forwards. Core strengthening exercises, free weights, and stretching on the side will help with buoyancy and proper propulsion techniques. 4)    Warm Up: Do not just jump into the water, especially if it is cold! Stretch properly with some very light cardio to warm your muscles up.  This will help prevent cramping throughout your swim. 5)    Maintain a Proper Diet: Make sure to eat the day that you train. Give some time to digest before swimming though. Also be sure to get enough potassium. We here at Swish Suits like a breakfast of oatmeal and bananas with a protein fruit shake.  Properly hydrate as well, because muscles contract with dehydration Remember: Everyone is different! Consult your dietician for a professional opinion. 6)    Build Up: Challenge yourself once you are comfortable with your limits. Do new routes or different strokes. Training is supposed to be fun!

We hope that you found this guide helpful. We here at Swish Suits love open water swimming and try to go at least three times a week. We want to hear about your experiences! Send us photos or testimonials about your experiences at victoria@swishsuits.com. Swish it good out there! [contentblock id=6 img=html.png]

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Feeling a little blue lately and cannot figure out why? Could it have to do with the fact that your favorite eco-chic women's wetsuits were sold out? Well we have the swishy cure! Take one dose of Swish, add a yourself, some friends, and water. Mix and serve hot. Repeat daily. Because, oh yes, SWISH IS BACK IN STOCK!

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  • Swish is HIGH PERFORMANCE: : Bioprene does more than save the planet. Our wetsuits have higher heat retention, flexibility, and durability than the competition.


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