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Swish Girls from Around the Globe: Wendy Cohen about her Swish, her Rollerskating, and her Paradise Surf Town!

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If you told me a year ago I would be living in paradise I would have laughed at you - I already lived there. My few days visit to Playa del Carmen, in January 2010, had turned into 4 years of fun, sun, occasional hard work and this crazy town had now become the place I called 'home'. But in January this year, in true Swish spirit, I thought I'd take an adventure to see what was going on in the rest of the world (or at least another part of Mexico!). Bets were made on how long I would last away from my beloved Riviera Maya.

Playa del Carmen

Cut to 7 months, and many bets won later and I am a proud Oaxaqueña, a resident of the beautiful Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca. What changed me from a loyal Playense? Mainly finding a new home at the Hotelito Osa Mariposa. You know that awesome feeling when you meet someone or arrive at a new place and you just know that something in your life is going to change? I found all of that and luckily they asked me to stay and work for them.

Osa Mariposa

My new life is located right in between the famous surf beaches of La Punta and Zicatela, home of the famous Mexican Pipeline, a Mecca for surfers from all over the world. Thanks to the hostel's amazing vegetarian/vegan restaurant and finally being able to use my roller skates, for the first time since arriving in Mexico, I have never felt healthier.

Swish One Line Crop

























On a daily basis I get to hang out with surf dudes, beach bums, yogis, writers, cyclists, skaters, swimmers, divers, backpackers, weekend travelers, four cats and the best little black kitten ever.

A couple of years ago I got my life's philosophy tattooed on my back - "Libérate, Descúbrete, Enamórate, No Mires Atrás". I have no idea how long I will stay here but this current adventure has encapsulated it perfectly.

Exploring the world is an amazing experience but when you find your own paradise, stop a while and smell the roses (or do it Swish style and surf, swim, dive, kiteboard, run, climb, skate and see the roses on your way past).


Wendy Cohen, Our Swish Life Mexico Corespondent 

Swish One Line Jacket


Summer Swish Sale, 30% Off for Your Joy this July!


I am sure for most of you in more Southern areas, the summer kicked off awhile ago, but for us here in Swish Chicago Headquarters it is finally here! I walked around our fulfillment center today and man was it hot!

Chelsea Berg

(Our Swish Eco Bags made from Recycled Fibers are Free with Purchase)

swish suitsWe here at Swish could really think of nothing that screamed summer more than our Sporty Yellow ONE Line Items.

So we wanted to offer 30% Off all Yellow ONE Line Items for the month of July on:

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Check out our Swish Suits Creator doing a little free diving her Swish ONE Line Jacket in Cenote Cristalino in the Mayan Riviera below!

Guest Blog: Skincare for Watersports Enthusiasts, by Emily from Sports Direct

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Hi Swish Readers! I know that you are all very active in the water, and if you are like me, it can take a toll on your skin!  Luckily for us, Emily Matthews from Sports Direct is guest blogging for us the week on the topic "Skincare for Watersports Enthusiasts!" Enjoy!


Emily Matthews works in ecommerce at Sports Direct. After graduating in design she now creates blogs and social media content specializing in watersports, including health, beauty, nutrition and training tips and advice for regular and causal water sport enthusiasts.

Skincare for Watersports Enthusiasts


Water sports are very popular amongst all sorts of people, especially in the height of summer! There are a few ways of protecting your skin before, during and after taking part in sports such as diving, surfing and kayaking. There are no magical potions or top secret ways of ensuring your skin is left silky smooth and undamaged by the sea…but there are a few steps that it is important not too miss to avoid being left with dry, oily or burnt skin at the end of the day!

Victoria Wakeboarding

The Good

This is great news for acne sufferers or those with lingering scars. Salt water actually improves the appearance and helps to heal acne. The salt in the water gets rid of excess oil in the skin which helps the process of reducing scarring. Although, to avoid opposite effects it is vital you wash away all of the salt afterwards, as increased exposure to salt water or not completely removing the salt from your skin can see a reverse effect and cause acne! So, moderate use and exposure to salt water can work wonders for you skin!


The Bad

Water strips the healthy oils from your skin and can leave you feeling itchy and oily after being in the sea for a certain length of time. The skin realizes it is drier than it should be so starts to produce extra oils. To avoid your skin getting overly oily you should use plenty of waterproof moisturizing lotion before you head out to the waters. This acts as a protective barrier and is a quick solution to prevent your skins condition changing after your swim or time out in the sea. If the weather is hot you should also regularly apply sun cream as the salt water dries your skin out a lot faster in the sun, making you more prone to sun burn.

This may be dependent on the water activity you are part taking in, but chaffing can become a problem. This may be caused by skin on skin chaffing, fabric on skin chaffing or even hair on skin! If you are doing sports for a long period of time, chaffing being caused by one of these factors will effect your ability to finish your activity, so it is a good idea to prepare chaff prone areas by lubricating the skin with products containing either petroleum jelly or lanolin. Alternatively, waterproof medical tape also works effectively to avoid chaffing. Avoid walking around in a wet wetsuit for too long as the damp material will cause you to chaff.


The Ugly

Okay, so perhaps not ugly, but the long term affects you may see if you don’t follow this step! The salty sea water will cause you to burn quicker in the sun so the one thing to remember is to get yourself dry as soon as possible when you come out of the water! It is best to have a shower in fresh water to get rid of all the salt, but not all beaches and water sport areas have showers ready for you to use. Taking a big bottle of water is a handy alternative to rinse yourself down then dry off. Not drying yourself straight away will not only make you vulnerable to sun burn, but the long term effects will leave you with pigmented, chapped and flaky skin. This is not a good look and for regular water sport enthusiasts who don’t dry off properly when they leave the water, they will start to see signs of aging a lot early than they had perhaps planned!

Soaking up the sun in Koh Phangan


So these are just a few safety measures to think about whilst you are taking part in water activities this summer. You can still have as much fun as you want, just remember to stay topped up with sun block and dry yourself straight away!

We're back! Same Swish but easier on your wallet!

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Always wanted a Swish Suit but worried about the strain on your poor wallet? Well rejoice my swish ladies! Chelsea and I love you all so much that we have lowered out prices. That right, the same great swish suit, but lower prices! Order yours here at http://swishsuits.com/collections/womens-wetsuits But hurry, hurry, hurry, because we have just come back in stock and quantities are limited. So get your swish on today!


Women's full suit:

Was: $450

Now: $400

Women's shorty suit:

Was $350

Now: $325

Women's Jacket

Was: $250

Now: $225


Cave Diving in Song Hong with Ban's Tec

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In September of 2011, I journeyed to Thung Yi, Thailand with a team of three other technical divers form Ban's Technical Diving (www.banstec.com).  Thung Yi is home to the big sinkhole of Song Hong which has become a prime cave diving location in Thailand due to it's depth and penetration distances. The site consists of two ponds, one big and one small. These ponds are can be traversed by survey lines at 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60 meters. Complex circuits can also be completed at these depths, depending on the divers certifications.


I teamed up with my old friend, Craig Werger who now runs Ban's Tec, in order to do some fun diving in this big dark hole! We took it easy on the first day completing the 30 m circuit. As the days progressed, so did our dives until we hit the 40m traverse. Song Hong is very deep and very dark as it is freshwater. It also has no discernible floor. This can cause many divers to feel the effects of nitrogen narcosis and disorientation, therefore it is important to complete your cave training and to dive within your limits. That being said Song Hong is a fantastic dive in an overhead environment. It is mythically spooky, but in a good way. I felt a little bit like India Jones, or maybe a Ghostbuster.   For more information on the dives please watch "The Hydronauts of Song Hong" attached below.

The dives were excellent as Ban's Tec really knows their way around this cave system and takes extra time planning the dives with their clients so that they are comfortable with the cave layout and plan as well. Ban's Tec applies the latest tested techniques to cave diving, moving away from the old boy's school mentality that has been in place in certain areas of South East Asia, creating an enjoyable safe environment for cave diving in Thailand.

The town of Thung Yi (meaning big bag, or big field) is an interesting backdrop to cave diving. Locals will happily educate you on the creatures that live within the caves (dragons, a pale women, other creatures) and tell you ways to avoid being taken captive. The town is friendly and people will often drop by to check out what is going on.

I loved my time spent at Song Hong. The diving is very different from that of the Mexican Cenotes, and it was a great challenge. I hope return in the near future.

Now for Ban's Tec's latest video. . . "The Hydronauts of Song Hong"




Wakeboarding Down Under

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I am currently living in Brisbane and a few friends, and this weekend I went with some friends to the Gold Coast to go wakeboarding. We packed up the car and headed to Lake Moorugah without incident except a slight Australian roadblock. I was slightly nervous as I had not been wakeboarding since I was 12 and even then I only tried it a couple of times. Luckily I had my Swish "One Line" jacket in bright pink to make me feel better.

My friends went first to show me how it was done, then it was my turn. I gripped the rope held my breath and thought, "Up!" Miraculously when I opened my eyes I was up! Do you see the big smile on my face?

After a successful first run of only two wipeouts. . . It was concurred that I could try a jump. Something that I had never tried, but o h so badly wanted to do. Besides looking really cool, when you jump you can get some serious air to FLY!  I got some instructions on how to cut into the wake, and went for it on my next run. I managed to get airborne a couple of times and got used to the feeling.

I can't wait to go again and try to get up higher! Next step is to jump the wake (actually that might take a while).

It was an amazing day and I had a lot of fun discovering a new sport. I can't wait to go again. Many thanks to my friends from Adreno Scuba diving who made it all possible.

Jump for Joy!: New Social Media for Swish Suits!

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Hello to all  you facebook addicts out there (meaning all of us!) Want to keep updated on the personal adventures of Swsh Suits creator's, Chelsea and Victoria Berg? Well now you can. We have each created a personal page that is detailed our personal swish activities and advice on aquatic sports.

You can follow Chelsea at: http://www.facebook.com/chelseawb

You can follow Victoria at : http://www.facebook.com/SwishLifeBlogger#

As always be sure to follow our Swish Suits Facebook fan page at: http://www.facebook.com/SwishSuits

And don't forget our twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/SwishSuits

Want to see Swish in action? View our videos at our youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/SwishSuits

OK. . . I think that is it. . . For now ;)

Swish Suits Back in Stock: Satisfy your craving


Got the Swish Craving?You know you need it.  . . You know you want it. . . Well now you can have it. SWISH SUITS IS BACK IN STOCK! So visit our shop  to curb your addiction today! Because nothing feels quite as good as gliding through the water in Swish.

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Why Swish is Right for You: These suits are specifically created for women by women in the aquatic sports industry.  We’re instructors and enthusiasts and our friends are instructors and enthusiasts.  We were tired of the dealing with wetsuits that were unflattering, ill fitting, and low performance.  We know what it is like to have to deal with not feeling good in your wetsuit. So we designed these suits ourselves so women could feel as sexy and powerful as they really are while swishing about! And now we’re hooked!

[contentblock id=5 img=html.png]

SWISH BACK IN STOCK: Cure your blues!

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Feeling a little blue lately and cannot figure out why? Could it have to do with the fact that your favorite eco-chic women's wetsuits were sold out? Well we have the swishy cure! Take one dose of Swish, add a yourself, some friends, and water. Mix and serve hot. Repeat daily. Because, oh yes, SWISH IS BACK IN STOCK!

We appreciate your patience, but the wait it over and you can order your ladies' wetsuit today. However we have limited quantities and our waiting list is long so it is is first come, first served. So do hurry hurry hurry to get the suit that makes the mermaids jealous. Check us out and get your long awaited Swish on today!

A few reasons why Swish is right for you! Swish Wetsuits are Unique:

  • Our Wetsuits are SEXY: Swish Suits have been designed specifically for a woman's body. The unique sculpting panels and flexibility of the suits ensures maximum sexiness while still being one of the highest performance suits on the market.
  • ECO-Friendly Wetsuits: Our suits are made from our revolutionary BIOPRENE. Unlike normal neoprene, which derives from environmentally hazardous petroleum, Bioprene is made from limestone and contains NO petroleum.
  • Swish is HIGH PERFORMANCE: : Bioprene does more than save the planet. Our wetsuits have higher heat retention, flexibility, and durability than the competition.


Our Favorite Movies About the Ocean

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When you are as passionate about something as most of us are about the ocean, it tends to encompasses your whole life. Thus, it stands to reason that we love movies about the ocean here at Swish Suits.  While it is hard to discern because most films about the ocean are beautiful. . . here are our top pics!

The Big Blue

The Big Blue is a film by Luc Besson about two rival freediving champions. The film has a tranquil almost melancholy score, and has been criticized for being a bit introspective and slow. However, I really likes the cinematography and how it exhibited the competitive nature of freedivers and how those who strive for greatness are often very obsessed on the one thing they love.

"You go down to the bottom of the sea, where the water isn't even blue anymore, where the sky is only a memory, and you float there, in the silence. And you stay there, and you decide, that you'll die for them. Only then do they start coming out. They come, and they greet you, and they judge the love you have for them. If it's sincere, if it's pure, they'll be with you, and take you away forever."


Morning of the Earth

If there was ever a movie about the ocean that would make you want to surf, not to shred, but just to surf, to feel the ocean below you and to catch that one wave. . . Albert Falzon's 1972 idyllic surf movie is it. Shot in Bali, Hawaii, and Australia the scenery is stunning. I recommend to sincerely chill out, relax, and watch this epic film that will make your heart ache. . . In the most positive way.


The Cove

The Cove was one of those truly shocking films that came out of left field and opened people's eyes to horrors that they did not know existed. Most people who I talk to have a strong feeling of affection for dolphins, even those who have not been in the ocean. Maybe it is due to the extreme intelligence of these creatures that we almost mark them as our equal.  The cove depictes the slaughter of 23,000 dolphins and porpoises that happens in Japan every year.  The film had critical acclaim, even nabbing an Oscar.



No mention of underwater movies would be complete without mentioning Rob Stewart's revolutionary documentary "Sharkwater" in which he portrays a creature that we have been conditioned to hate as a noble creature worth saving. Rob's documentary shed light on the horrific shark fin trade and the dwindling shark population which is so relevant to human survival as well. This film has it all- beautiful creatures, action, adventure, danger, and above all great heart.


Disney's Oceans

Just in general a really happy and informative film with beautiful cinematography shot around the world! Grab your kids or nephews and nieces and have an adventure from the couch next time the weather is bad with this fantastic ocean kids movie!