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Swish Eco Tip of the Month: Being Green at the Office

Eco Tips and Environmentswishreboot@solomongiles.comComment

Hello all, I used to be lucky enough to have my office be the ocean; however, at the moment I am in our headquarters in Chicago.  Now, I have written several articles on ocean conservation and what not, so I thought that this month's eco tip could be on how to keep it green in corporate land if like me you are stuck inside dreaming about the ocean ;)

View from my office at the moment. . .

1) Go Paperless

Who wants the clutter anyways? Many people are now using electronic signatures or digitally encrypted signatures.  If you do a bit of research or ask the IT department, you can start doing this too. I am also a huge fan of scanning instead of faxing, and keeping everything organized in dropbox for easy sharing! Poof! Papers be gone!

2) Bring Food From Home

Eating out can mean plastic containers and food from unsustainable sources.  Making an effort to bring your food from home can not only cut down on waste, but eliminate unsustainable food sources from your diet!  I am a big fan of glass containers as they microwave easily and are very durable.

3) Ditch the Car

Walking or biking to work is a great way to get exercise.  Bring a book with you on the metro and enrich your mind.  Carpool and get to know someone better.  Ditching the car is good for you and the environment!

View from our ocean office!

I hope to see you all in our ocean office someday soon!

Swish Suits Eco Tip of the Month: Detoxify your cosmetics!

Generalswishreboot@solomongiles.com3 Comments

We love looking nice here at Swish Suits, and I know most women do too. I think you would be hard pressed to find any women that would part ways with all of her cosmetics. That being said, do you know how many toxic chemicals are in your shower kit? Your makeup bag? Your perfume? And what about all these products do you use them all? This month's eco tip revolves around greening up your cosmetics, making beauty healthier for you and better for the environment.

Tip One: Simplfy!

Start by heading to your bathroom. Now throw out anything that you do not use or that is expired. As you are throwing things out think about why you do not use them and be sure not to buy them again.

Tip Two: Go Au Natural

Give yourself a break. You do not have to be made up all the time. Do you really need the a;; makeup, or the fragerence everyday? I am guessing you are pretty beautiful as is.

Tip Three: Choose natural

Many cosmetics are made from chemicals that are harmful to ourselves and the environment, yet we slather them on everyday! (ie deoderant) Choose products that are all natural. They will probably smell better than your perfume anyways. One product that I love is coconut oil. I use it as a deep conditioner and a moisturizer. The lovely nutty smell always lingers too!

Now breath in deep. Ahhhh! Don't you feel better with less clutter and less chemicals? Your body will thank you in the long run. So will the environment!



Swish's Eco Tip of the Month: Green is the new black

Sexy and Fashionswishreboot@solomongiles.comComment

Hey guys, You know that every month I bring you an eco tip to incorporate into your swish lifestyle. This month's tip is about. . . FASHION!

I know that as swish girls we love to look good, but we also love the environment. So here is my little guide on how to do both. Remember people, life is not "or" it is "and." So let's be fashionable and environmentally  conscious, because when it comes down to it, aren't they one of the same?

The key here is minimalism. Try to own and buy the least you can. Use what you have and then OWN IT!

1) Go vintage: This is the re-use part of a green philosophy.

Why not? Raid your local shop or even your mother's or grandmother's closet to come up with a uniquely funky outfit to represent your swishy style. Remember you can always get things tailored into a modern silhouette.

2) Sharing is Fashion Caring!

Do you have sisters? Friends? I know I am so lucky to have a sister who is around the same size so we share a combined wardrobe, which means that we have more of a diverse selection but less cloths collectively. Also look up local clothing swaps. On the island I live on in Thailand now we have a monthly clothing swap where we all bring clothing that we do not want anymore to a cafe and trade away!

3) Green is the New Black

If you are going to buy new cloths, try to make sustainable choices. Meaning either buy from an eco company or a local company. Many clothing brands are now offering eco options. If you need any advice on cute eco brands just check out the suggestions from the girls at ECO CHICK which is a blog dedicated to sustainable fashion. They always have the cutest suggestions.  Or you could just wear your eco swish suit everywhere!

4) Live simply. Live fresh.

The last option is to do what swish does now. Spend everyday in a bikini and live it up!

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