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Eco-Friendly Beauty Products we Love

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Living on a beach can be rough. . . on your hair skin and nails that is! (Come on, what did you think I meant?)  We here at Swish like to look beautiful, natural and fresh, but not at the expense of our beautiful environment that we live in.  So we have compiled a little list of our favorite eco-friendly beauty products that we use to keep ourselves beachy fresh and aquatically fashionable!


Subseries is a revolutionary new brand for divers and anyone who does ocean sports. They use all natural ingredients and there products are biodegradable! The Subseries line consists of three steps:

1) Protectant: This is a lightweight spray that you put on your hair before entering the water. I have super long thick hair and I am always afraid for salt water damage.  This spray really protects your hair! I have not lost any of mine and I am in the water constantly! The spray also helps me with the tangles that I have after diving. When I use the spray my hair stays smooth and I do not have to rip it out to comb through it! Awesome!

2) Shampoo: The shampoo is a gentle clarifying shampoo that rids your hair of impurities. . . Oh and it smells superb of mint and rosemary which gives your head amazing tingles and shivers. Super eco-friendly!

3) Conditioner: The rich conditioner puts moisture back into your hair and quick! I saw the results, having fuller more hydrated hair in 2 weeks! Plus, no harm to the environment.


We love SubSeries Hair Care and cannot wait to see their new skin care line that is out soon. Three cheers for companies committed to eco-friendly fashion.


We were first introduced to this incredibly tasty lip balm at the US Open of Surfing. We were out in the hot sun and the beach all day and this eco-friendly product really protected our lips! No burning and no peeling! We are especially fond of the Hula La stick which is specially geared towards women.  All Shaka Laka products come in 100% recycled packaging, and the Hula La line is also a proud sponsor of the National Breast Cancer Foundation as well as Keep-A-Breast.org and 5% of their sales go to  help breast cancer prevention.

Soleo Organics SPF 30

We trend towards living in hot places such as Miami, Thailand, Mexico, and Roatan, Honduras. As such we have to be very careful of our sun exposure, and protect our skin! However, we do not like slathering our bodies with toxic chemicals for our selves and the environment. That is why we love Soleo Organics SPF 30. We put it on anytime we are in the sun! It is not smelly or runny and it is water resistant! All natural ingredients are used as well with coconut and grapeseed oil providing a super smooth and delicious application. . . mmm. . . Rub some on, grab your friends, and hit the beach... eco-friendly and guilt free!

OK so I know that you all do not need to be more beautiful, you blind us already, but we hope that these products will keep you & the environment healthy, happy and loving life in the sun!