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Swish Suit's Guide to Our Favorite Beaches!

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Everyone has that fantasy, don't lie we know you have it too, you know the one where you step out of your door in the morning looking rumpled and impossibly fresh, and your backyard is the most beautiful beach in the world. This fantasy also has it's standard add in's such as an other attractive person, coconut cocktails, hammocks, extreme sports that we make look effortlessly easy, and beach party's with more attractive people in skimpy clothing. We know this fantasy, we have had this fantasy, and luckily we have been able to live this fantasy on our better days.  As such, we decided to make yours a reality and compiled a guide to the sexiest, most beautiful beaches we have been to for you reading pleasure. This is just a list of places we have been to, tell us your favorite beach in the comments area!

The America's

Tulum, Mexico:

Description: Bourgeois Hippie Chic

Tulum is host to a stretch of dramatic white sand beaches that goes for kilometers, sometimes punctuated by rocks and Mayan ruins. It is a great place to get away from the hustle of Playa del Carmen and Cancun, and a particularly great bonding spot weather it be among friends, family, or significant others. The beaches in Tulum have been saved from the beach front development that has plagued the rest of the Yucatan leaving them with little pollution and smell. Nudity is not uncommon, nor does anyone seem to really care. Beach bars crop up normally as a part of the bungalow style hotels. Papaya Playa hosts amazing beach parties with techno music spun by world famous dj's; however, the vibe in Tulum is always very accepting. It is a truly magical place

Sports: Mostly just kiteboarding. You can also count in trendy drum circles.

Attire: Whatever you feel represents your inner aura! People tend to steer to bikinis, head scarfs, and tribal like jewlrey. Stylish without trying.

Playa del Carmen, Mexico:

Description: Party with attractive ones.

The beach in Playa del Carmen is host to some of the most attractive people I have seen.  Hailing from Mexico, Central America, South America, Italy, and the States, these gorgeous ex-pats know how to party. There is generally a beach party every week, and Playa hosts several large festivals every year, the biggest being BPM festival in January. This year Playa was host to Richie Hawtin, Nicolas Jaar, Benoit & Sergio, plus many others. The party pumps at beach clubs up and down the strip, some can go all night, and some are very chilled out and civilized.  From fine dining, to reggae, to rock, to techno, to chilled out, there is something for everyone on this beach as the restaurants and bars are numerous.

Sports: Swimming, snorkeling, Kiteboarding in Playacar, dancing, PEOPLE WATCHING!

Attire:  Day- Your tiniest bikini, over-sized shades, and some large jewelry Night- Slinky dresses showing off your tan and sparkly flats.

West Bay Beach, Roatan

photo credit: Lauri Väin

Description: Diver Chill

 West Bay Beach is the best beach on this dive centric island. Enjoy a massage after snorkeling and diving or a drink at the Bananarama bar. Hammocks and white sand await.

Sports: Diving, Snorkeling

Attire: Anything breezy. Roatan is a very chill island.

South Beach, Miami

photo credit: Phillip Pessar

Description: Art Deco meets Miami Vice

Transport yourself into the glitzy scene of SoBe. Shallow, why yes! But deliciously so. Made famous by Miami Vice, South Beach is known for it's white sand beaches right of of the hotel strip. Lounge about on chairs by the pool that over look the ocean at the Ritz Carlton, Lowes, and the Delano which exhibit old art deco in it's finest. There is not much to do on South Beach except sip fancy cocktails and gossip saliciously. You can have your Mensa meeting another time. . .

Sports: Some volleyball. You can bring your own paddle ball etc.

Attire: Anything from the resort collection of the hottest designer. Prints and colors are big here. Don't forget the neon manicure

Pink Sands Beach, Harbour Island, Bahamas

Description: It's pink, yo!

This beach is really pink. Situated on Harbor Island in the Bahamas, the pink beach is visually stunning. It is not excessively long, but lovely for a stroll or a picnic. It is never busy so it can be the perfect spot for that dreamy sunset with someone wonderful. It is also a spectacular place to hit on your morning run before breakfast at the local cafe.

Activities: Running, walking, picnicking

Attire: It is the Bahamas so either resort wear or your yachting wear

Asia/ Pacific

Freedom Beach, Koh Tao, Thailand

Description: Lagoon Bliss (complete with drunk scuba instructors)

Freedom beach is located on the bustling dive island of Koh Tao. This beach is tricky to get to as it is on the far side of the island.  Pack a picnic (no restaurants on the beach) and head for a chilled out day with lagoon like waters. Most people tend to spend the day sitting in the shallow turquoise water nursing a beer.  Like everyone who comes to Koh Tao, this is a great place for chilling out with your dive instructor that you swear you are in love with. . . for the moment. However on freedom beach it is a beautiful moment.

Sports: Lounging. Possibly kissing. ..

Attire: It is on tiny island in Thailand. No shoes, no shirt. . . maybe a pair of cutoffs if you are feeling fancy.

China Beach, Vietnam

Description: Quiet in Vietnam

The US Army used to send it's troops to China Beach during the Vietnam war when they needed rest and recovery. The beach is located outside of Da Nang and has a surfer chilled out vibe. Kate and I arrived here for her much needed beach therapy after years in Northern China. The beach is calm with midgrain tan sand. During the on season you can see surfers headed out to catch the waves in the early morning.

Sports: Surfing

Attire: It is Vietnam so a little more conservative. The sun can be deceptively strong so please use sunscreen.

Padang Padang, Bali

Description: Rocky Beach Shredding

Padang Padang is on the peninsula of Uluwatu where surfing rules life. This beach was made famous by huge surfing competitions by the likes of Billabong. It is a very dramatic setting. You walk down a rock stairway onto a beautiful beach with rock caves and lush foliage. Grab some bintang and Balinese grub from the little huts set up and watch world class surfers hang ten.

Sports: Surfing, paddle boarding, body boarding

Attire: Bali is very hippie chic or surfer. So either pile on the ethnic jewelry and rich sarongs from your travels, or put on your bright aviators and boardshorts.

Whitehaven Beach

photo credit: Jeremy Vandel

Description: The Most Beautiful Boring Spot in the World

Set off the beaitful Whitsunday Islands in Queenslands, Whitehaven beach has been on every top beach list that comes out. The sand is 98% silica which gives it the bright white color and the tides change the swirl patterns on the beach. As an actual beach to go sit on, I do not find Whitehaven that impressive. There is nothing much there and from the ground level it does not look as it does in photos. However, the Birdseye view is AMAZING. Even better than professional photographs. Take the hike to lookouts and spend your day there watching the tides with your camera. You will not be disappointed.

Sports: Bring a frisbee.

Attire: Sunscreen, a hat, and some hiking shoes! The sun is impressively strong and there is good hiking on the island.



photo credit: The Travelling Bum

Description: Tapas at Sunset with the Euro Jet Pack.

Barcelona is one our favorite beaches for a sunset picnic. It is quite fun to head here for your fist spot on your bar and tapas tour. Pick up a bottle of cava and some olives and go sit on the sand with the rest of the locals.  You might meet some friends who continue the tapas crawl with you.

Sports: Looking good. . . in black. . . Cava drinking. . . attractively (it is tough)

Attire: Classic black  one pieces with beautiful design and big classic shades for day. European casual at night (ie designer jeans, scarf, leather jacket)

Amalfi Coast

 Description: Italian Riviera Chic

The Amalfi Coast is stunning. Unfortunately the food is so good you might have trouble fitting in your swimsuits. Luckily the coast is set upon dramatic cliffs that overlook the sea and you can work off that cheese and wine by climbing up and down to reach the beach. Spy on attractive Italians as you sip limoncello (popular in the region).

Sports: Soccer, Brocce

Attire: Simple and chic.

So that concludes Swish Suit's Guide to Our Favorite Beaches. I know our guide will grow as we continue to travel, but in the meantime fill me on your favorite beach and why I should go there in the comment section below.

Ciao and go get that dream.