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Advanced Open Water in Koh Tao, Swish Style

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So the island and I were extraordinarily blessed this week as a sweet swishy gale force wind rocked up! My friend Allie came down from Bangkok to do her Advanced Open Water course at Ban's Diving Resort.

The advanced course consists of 5 adventure dives. Allie chose to do a navigation dive, a photography dive, a deep dive, a night dive, and a fish identification dive.  I was lucky enough to be the divemaster on her night dive! (I am in the middle of my Instructor Development Course so I cold not assist the whole thing) We set out from Ban's as the sun was setting and did out debriefing on the top of the Ban's boat whilst admiring the sunset. We then descended, put on our Swish Suits, checked our kit, and it was time to go introduce Allie to the darkness so she could feel Swish stealth.

The night is can be a bit frightening for students at first as it can be their first time with limited visibility; however most of them come up happy and excited.  The only way Allie was different is that she went down excited too! She was incredibly calm and competent on her dive while still having some serious fun. I was very impressed and you could really see her training!