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Whale Shark Diving with Rob Stewart, director of Sharkwater

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Hello Swish Readers!  Yes it is finally here, the blog you have been waiting for, the big one. . .

Swish had the pleasure of making an eco-chic wetsuit for Rob Stewart of the award winning documentary Sharkwater.


Rob Stewart Rocking Swish Wetsuit

The project all started when Chelsea and I got wind that Rob was making a new film called "Rise Again", which is themed around sustainability and that he would be heading to Isla Mujeres in order to film whale sharks. hmmm. . . someone needs a freediving full wetsuit.

Victoria on the way to Deliver Swish Suit to Rob Stewart

Some people questioned why we were making a suit for a man when we are a female based company. To which I reply, "umm. . . because he is Rob Stewart?" but in all seriousness, Rob is a truly lovely man and it was important to all of us to make sure that he had the highest quality ECO suit to film in.

I headed down to drop off the suit for Rob in Mexico. I was so nervous that I would lose it on the way and the whole journey would be for naught!

rob stewart whale shark11The first night in I had the pleasure of meeting Rob Stewart as well Jim Abernethy, a leading shark conservationist. Needless to say, I learned a lot at that table!

Rob and the crew spent the week going out everyday and filming in the beautiful blue.


Rob Stewart & Victoria Berg

I was also fortunate enough to be invited on the boat the last day. The tour was led by Shawn Heinrichs, of Blue Sphere Media (check it out! amazing films), who serves on the board of Shark Savers and WildAid.

Full Moon Whale Sharks - Belize from Blue Sphere Media on Vimeo.

Also on the boat was Bob McNerney (Bob McNerney's Sharks) who leads Great White out of cage trips, Brian Cushard (who I thank for the awesome photos), and Christine Henrichs. Whoa. . . Awesome shark people!


We headed out early in the morning. The previous night everyone had been telling me that they saw 300 whale sharks the day before. I was thinking that they had be exaggerating and that we would probably see about 50 spordically, which I was still super pumped about considering that I had never even seen one. About 20 km off the coast, Bob taps me on the shoulder and points out towards the horizon. I turn around and apparently my eyes got huge and my jaw dropped. Yes there really were 200-300 whale sharks out there. The look on my face was met by giggles from the boat...


Victoria Berg Whale Shark



Whale Sharks Galore

The whale sharks congregate off the coast of Isla every year in order to feed off the spawning of bonito eggs. The eggs are so bountiful that everyone was covered in eggs by the end of the day... except for Rob and I in our excellently sealed Swish Suits.


High Performing Wetsuits

bob whale shark diving

No words can describe the feeling of swimming with these gentle giants. To see a creature that is so majestic and also mysterious causes the emotion of the sublime a bit as we cannot fully comprehend the situation that we in. Whale Sharks can reach up to 12 meters in length, spend significant time at 980 meters, and are migratory. They are a bit of a mystery still, even though they have been around for 60 million years .

Given all that we know of threats to the conservation of whale sharks- oil spill, shark finning, habitat destruction, and so on -- it was truly inspiring to see so many in one place! In fact it was so crowded that you really had to pay attention to the game of whale shark bumper cars.


Making Whaleshark friends

For more information on whale sharks please visit whalesharkproject.org Also be sure to check out Rob's self camera vid of the trip, showing him diving with Whale Sharks.

Check out our video too, documenting Victoria's trip to dive with whale sharks.


rob stewart wearing swish suits

"Rise Again" should be out in 2011. I know one person who is very excited!

To all of you men out there that are now jealous of how good Rob looks in his suit, I reply, you make an award winning documentary and I will make you a suit! And, if you havn't seen it yet, do yourself a favor and watch Sharkwater.

rob stewart whale shark05

The Summer of Women's Wetsuits

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Hello all my Swish Ladies and friends of Swish! Whew. It has been only a couple of months since Swish has launched, and I must say that the response has been amazing.  I would like to thank all of you for your kind words and support since the beginning! Swish loves you! We are going to start newsletters. Sign up on our home page to get the latest updates and great deals on women's wetsuits. Also email me your news or any trips with availablity and I can post those as well. victoria@swishsuits.com

If you would prefer the short version of this post check out our new video!:

It has a been a busy summer with the US Open of Surfing, making and delivering a Swish Suit for Rob Stewart, the whale shark trip, the Chicago Triathlon, and much much more!  So much has happened that we are having trouble blogging it, but stay tuned because we've got lots of great stuff coming down the tubes.

Now for an update on the Swish Team!

Morgan Voss and Farrah Melissa recently competed the Chicago Olympic Triathlon, both running excellent times. They did the swimming section in their Swish Ladies Wetsuits and both looked awesome while being able to change at the transition point quickly due to the stretch. Stay tuned for pics and vids.

Ashley Anderson has been teaching scuba in her Swish wetsuit out of Ft. Lauderdale.  She recently just took a wakeboarding trip out of California. Rock it chica!

Ladies Wetsuit Wakeboarding


Anna Grub an original SheDiver, has been teaching scuba and cave diving in the Cenotes out of Playa del Carmen. She recently received her Swish Shorty Wetsuit and is teaching a DSD in it today. Looking great!

Sexy Womens Wetsuit

Tina DelCane is the Host of Dive Travel TV. She recently returned from shooting their latest episode in the Bahamas. She wore our Swish wetsuits for women and said that they were so comfortable during the shooting! We can't wait to see the episode.

Tina Delcane

Chelsea Berg, our CEO, has been on a high speed train in order to bring Swish to the world all summer. Our brilliant creator will be moving to Miami very soon! Chelsea will continue to travel in order to understand how Swish can better reach you!

chelsea and victoria berg

And then there is me, Victoria, who brings you this blog.  If you are reading it, then you pretty much know what I have been up to this summer. A bit of whale shark diving in Isla, a bit of beach going, a bit of water skiing in Oregon, a bit of triathlon supporting, and in general just Swishing about in my women's wetsuit!

Diving with Whalesharks

I am off on my Swish Tour of the world! Playa del Carmen now, Bahamas, Miami, Koh Tao Thailand, Bali, Red Sea, Tahiti! Let me know where you are going to be, because you know I will be updating you here.

Team Swish

Ok well that pretty much concludes the summer update written from my balcony in PLAYA DEL CARMEN MEXICO! I think that I will go dive a Cenote now. . .

lady water skiing

Email me and let me know what you did this summer!

Cheers guys and happy aquatic sports.

US Open, Huntington Beach & Hawaii Five-O

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Chelsea and Victoria and the US open of Surfing We recently returned from the US Open of Surfing at Huntington Beach.  At the event we were fortunate enough to make friends with CBS who is launching a new show this fall: "Hawaii Five-0".  The show is a "contemporary take on the classic series about a new elite federalized task force whose mission is to wipe out the crime that washes up on the Islands' sun-drenched beaches."  Hmmm. . . Sounds good.

Attractive people, crime, islands and of course. . . . SURFING!!!  What else would a Swish girl want to watch? However, we think they all need Swish Suits.  Needless to say we had a lot of fun with the CBS crew and look forward to seeing the show this fall. Will you be watching Hawaii Five-O?

Shark Diving Vid - Rob Stewart's Whale Sharks Self Cam

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Hey guys! Check this amazing video that was just sent to us by Rob Stewart! You might all know Rob Stewart from his revolutionary film "Sharkwater" (www.sharkwater.com).  Rob is currently filming his new documentary "Rise Again" which centers around the theme sustainability and the future of mankind. 

When Swish got word that Rob would be filming some underwater whale shark video, we decided to make him a custom made eco-friendly wetsuit to give him maximum mobility and warmth while he worked. Here is some footage Rob Stewart shot of himself wearing our wetsuit with. . . . 200 whale sharks in Isla Mujeres!!!!!!!!!!!! Great video by a great man in a great wetsuit!

Check Out the Shark Diving Footage