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Tales from Vietnam: Let's get combustible (Da Nang, Hoi An, China Beach)


The next morning we arrived in Hoi An from Hue, which used to be the largest harbour in South East Asia and is another UNESCO world heritage site.  It's buildings are largely influenced by the foreign trade industry.

We spent one day and evening in Hoi An mostly walking around the buildings and night markets. The town is very cute if nothing but a little touristy.

We woke up slightly groggy after the night in Hoi An, and remembered that we had heard something about an international fireworks festival one town over in Da Nang. Feeling a little more than our normal spontaneous selves, we hopped on the next bus out.  We ended up staying at China Beach instead of in the center of Da Nang. China Beach was a popular retreat for soldiers during the Vietnam War and is now a surfing Mecca.

Kate had been living in Siberia for too long, so the first thing she did was run to the sea to have a moment.

We then headed into Da Nang to the international fireworks festival, where various teams from across the globe competed to see who had the best display. The streets were absolutely crackling with excitement and Kate and I were feeling young and combustible.

I was very impressed by the display with eyes all shiny and excited to watch things explode. Kate's only response to my childlike state of hyper excitement was "Come to Chinese New Year" hmmmm. . . Might have to do that soon. . .

Stay tuned for more of Kate and Victoria's adventures in Vietnam! Coming up next. . . The girls head to the coast for some serious swishy beach and dive time.