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Chelsea Berg

A Perfect Embodiment: Happy Birthday to Swish Suits Creator and CEO Chelsea Berg!

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So dear Swish Readers, today is a very special day. It is a day that changed my life and shaped my career path even before I was born. Sound deep? A bit prophetic? Well it is my favorite day that ever happened because on this day twenty-six years ago Swish Suits Creator, Chelsea Berg, was born!

Chelsea first got the idea fro Swish Suits from her many years of experience working in the dive world and has now expanded Swish past wetsuits with our new "One" Line that consists of rash vests, bags, and dive jackets! Always the go getter, when I asked Chelsea what she was going to do on her birthday she replied, "I am going to get up, teach a yoga class, do some Swish work,  then head somewhere with my friends. Maybe to the beach or the Cenotes with my friends and do something exciting, maybe cliff jumping, freediving, or paddle boarding!"

Chelsea is the embodiment of the Swish lifestyle. She is an physically active force, a vegan eco enthusiast, an accomplished aquatic sports expert, and of course a brilliant business ingenue.

Happy Birthday to the bravest most beautiful chica I know!


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