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5 Ways to Turn Back the Aging Clock: Beauty Blog by Gwen

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5 Ways to Turn Back the Aging Clock


Aging is a natural process, but unfortunately, nobody in the world wants to get older. At the very least, nobody wants to look older than they really are!


That’s why products that aim to turn back the clock and make you look like a previous version of yourself are so popular and people spend millions of dollars each year on anti-aging and beauty product. While there might not be a silver bullet for aging, there are some very real ways you can help turn back the aging clock – at least a few minutes.


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Protect Yourself From the Sun


Nothing makes you look older faster than sun damage. For that reason, it’s incredibly important that you protect yourself from the sun every minute that you’re outside – even on days when you don’t think the sun is likely to be a major problem.


To protect yourself, get in the habit of applying sunblock on a regular basis, and always use a broad-spectrum sunscreen that blocks both UVA and UVB rays. Sunscreens with SPF factors in the 100s aren’t necessary, but reapplying regularly is.


Get in the habit of applying sunscreen early and often.


Eat More Vegetables


You know vegetables are good for you and are packed with healthy vitamins, nutrients, and minerals. Now there’s also some evidence that they may actually work to slow the aging process by getting rid of toxins and reducing oxidative damage in the body.


How many vegetables do you need to eat? There’s no exact answer, but following the Harvard School of Public Health’s recommendation of about 2 1/2 cups per day is can’t hurt.



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Get More Sleep


Americans don’t get enough sleep, and the average American is several hours under the recommended eight hours per night. Unfortunately, when you don’t get enough rest, your body creates the stress hormone cortisol, which breaks down skin cells.


On the other side of the coin, getting enough rest each night aids in HGH production – the human growth hormone – which helps your body create new skin cells faster!


Reduce Your Stress Level


Nobody enjoys stress, and unfortunately, a certain amount is just part of life for most people. However, taking steps to reduce the amount of stress you experience can help you look better and younger.


Like not getting enough sleep, being stressed out raises cortisol levels in the blood, which causes thinner skin and even makes you weaker by reducing muscular tissue under the skin. By reducing stress, you’ll lower your cortisol levels, lending to a younger and more youthful appearance.


To reduce stress, many experts recommend taking up a hobby you enjoy or simply making time to relax each day. Activities like yoga, meditation, and even plain old exercise can be helpful for reducing stress and they’re also good for your body and mind.


Try Sleeping on Your Back


Sleeping on your back might sound like strange advice for preventing the signs of aging from showing, but the way you sleep can affect how you look. That’s because sleeping on your side can create “cleavage” wrinkles when the skin is pressed together, and sleeping on your stomach results in wrinkles on your neck from being pressed up against your pillow all night.


Although difficult to change your sleep patterns overnight, trying to fall asleep on your back is a step in the right direction.


Most of these tips are pretty simple, and chances are you already know that they’re good for you! However, that’s what’s most important when it comes to aging – doing the things you know you should, like wearing sunscreen and eating right.


Cosmetics companies can offer all the miracle creams and cures they want, but there’s no substitute for taking care of yourself.


Gwen Lewis is a freelance writer in Southern California. She encourages everyone to take practical steps toward looking younger and becoming healthier. As a beauty and health writer, she often contributes to the Skintrium blog.



Tips for Travel: How to Arrive Refreshed After a Long Flight

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We all have visions of arriving at our faraway destinations looking glamorous and refreshed; however, we normally end up arriving feeling and looking like a chipmunk that has been caught in a windstorm. . .  Bloating, fatigue, swollen limbs, and upset stomachs are a few common complaints after long flights.  Yeah, not too pretty and also a bit of a bummer as everyone wants to look and feel good immediately on their arrival.  I travel between The States, Mexico, Thailand, and Australia quite a bit, so over the years I have cultivated a few little rituals that can help relieve the nasty side effects of flying.  Here are a few tips for your trip that will help you arrive feeling normal. IMG_3134

1) Drink! No, not the fun stuff, try to stay away from that. . . Drink at least a liter of water for every 8 hours you travel.

2) Get an aisle seat! Feet and legs can swell up to the point where you look like you sprained them during long flights.  Having an aisle seat lets you get up and move around, as well as get to the bathroom.

3) Stretch and Invert!  Get up and touch your toes during your flight.  I am always the crazy girl doing yoga at the airport during my layover.  I recommend doing inversions which helps you depuff. Find a wall and do a handstand or headstand.  If you are not that limber simply lie down and put your feet up on the wall.

4) Eat healthy!  Don't eat the inflight food, it is not real food anyways.  Find something nutritious at the layover stop and eat that instead. I like to carry fruit and nuts with me on board, just make sure not to bring them into the next country.

5) Clean up! Brush your hair, brush your teeth, hell take a little shower in the sink if you want to!

These simple tips should make your arrival close to the Casablanca scenario that you imagine.

Feeling so good after my flight to Thailand that I can don a bikini on the ferry!