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Swish's Top Five Natural Beauty Products


We love beauty products here at Swish; however, most cosmetics are full of toxins (ew!) and tested on animals (double ew!)  If you know us then you know that animal cruelty and chemicals are really not our thing! So how do we keep looking and feeling beautiful without relying on the chemical laden product world?  We raid our kitchens! Here is a list of 5 natural products that you can find in your kitchen or at the market that are some of our favorite beauty products as well! So read on, and then have yourself a little at home spa  day.

Swish's Top Five Natural Beauty Products

1) Coconut Oil: My friends always joke that I think coconut oil can solve world peace because it is my answer for everything.  "You have a rash? Oh, put coconut oil on it!"  But seriously here is just a small list of what I use coconut oil for:

-Sunblock: It works like spf 10 and gives you a rich deep tan with out the breakouts and grease and toxicity of normal sunblock.

-Skin Moisturizer: Great for mixing with your moisturizer to give your skin a subtle sheen and sweet smell.

-Hair Mask: Apply and sleep on it. When you wash it out in the morning, your hair will be silky smooth!

-Cooking Oil: Coconut oil has an amazing amount of fatty acids and is stable for cooking at high temperatures

-Irritated Skin: Smooth a little oil on irritated skin for antiseptic soothing relief (not be used on oozing rashes, broken skin, etc)

-Body Scrub: Blend coconut oil and sugar for a great body scrub.  Be careful in the shower! You will get slippery.

We <3 coconuts!

2) Turmeric:  This yellow spice is tasty and great for you in food.  However we have discovered some great beauty treatments that you can do at home using this spice.  But be careful! Turmeric tends to stain clothing yellow!

-The Greatest Face Mask Ever: Before their wedding, Indian brides used to cover themselves in turmeric which leaves there skin glowing.  Here is our version of a turmeric face mask which is great at eliminating acne and reducing pore size.

Blend greek yogurt, turmeric, and honey to a paste (add your favorite oil if you have dry skin.) Spread on your face and leave for 30 minutes.  Wash off to reveal beautiful skin!

Post mask glow! It works!

-Teeth whitening:  Scrub your teeth with turmeric and see them whiten a few shades without all that yucky bleach.  Magic!

3) Apple Cider Vinegar: Apple cider vinegar has may uses.  I even use it to clean my floors!  However drinking an elixir of this sour stuff does a body good!  Don't worry, you learn to crave the taste.


4) Tiger Balm:  This  all natural herbal mix smells like spicy eucalyptus.  I am so obsessed.

-Pain and Inflammation: I train Muay Thai and boxing, so I tend to get very sore!  Tiger Balm is my go to heat rub.  It really takes away my pan and relaxes me.  Here in Thailand they will give you a massage with it!

Me at Muay Thai

-Bug Bites:  I use dabs of Tiger Balm to repel insects and then I rub it over any bites I have for instant itch relief.  Plus you will smell so much better than if you take a bath in DEET.

5) Lemon:  This acidic fruit is adds flavor to your meal and helps in digestion, but we have discovered that it works great in at home manicures and pedicures!

- Manicure and Pedicure Soak: Soak hands and feet in equal parts lemon juice and warm water.  Rub the white part of the lemon over your cuticle and give your hands a feet a good scrub.  They will emerge bright and squeaky clean!

We hope that we have inspired you to clean out some of your old products and try these all natural products! Let us know which ones are your favorite by commenting below.