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Swish's New Bioprene Bikini: Design Winner Announced

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We know that over the past year we have teased you with the concept of a new swish bikini.  We made numerous mock ups. . . wore them. . . and liked them pretty well, but you know that here at Swish we have to be uncontrollably in love with all of our products.  So we had a " Student Design Contest For Swish's New Bioprene Bikini" at the Drottning Blanka Halmstad Design School in Sweden. We are so very excited to announce our winner is the beautiful and talented Frida Enberg  Thank you again wonderful students, you are all so very talented!

Designs are being put into production now, so be ready get your swish bikinis in the new year!! For real this time guys. . . This is no longer a drill!


A very special thank you to our very first designer Maria Ruth Andersson and current professor of these young designers, thank you for always believing in us Maria! For info on our Custom Design Branch or Swish Student Design Contests visit us here: https://swishsuits.com/custom-design-branch/