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Swish's Eco Tip of the Month: Beat the heat without the energy!

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We know August is the stickiest month of the year and that you are tempted to beat the heat by flipping that air conditioning switch, but before you waste energy, and your money, take a look at our tips for keeping yourself cool this summer.

1. Grab your swish suit and get in the water!

We all know that water conducts heat away from the body 25 times faster than air (thank you PADI Manual). So grab your favorite swish product and go diving, swimming, surfing, wakeboarding, kiteboarding, etc. Whatever your thing is get in there in your women's wetsuit!

2. Transport yourself with a cool towel.

We know that transporation on your bike, the metro, or the bus can cause your nerves to sizzle in the summer months. In order to fight the urge to take an air conditioned car or taxi everywhere, take a chilled towel or bandana with you for the ride along with some cool water. Place it on the back of your neck and chill out!

3. Move the heat out of your house.

Cooking on the stove top can heat up your house. Try to eat cool foods, or have a barbecue with your neighbours!

Using your cloths dryer can also heat up your home. Your cloths will dry almost as fast in the heat and smell super fresh!