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Swishing in the Midwest by Meghan

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This week Meghan is back and she is telling you all about the differences and similarities between her old home in Kansas City and her new home in Playa del Carmen. One thing is for sure: She is always a swish girl!

Swishing in the Midwest by Meghan

In my last post (link to last post) for Swish, I described my love for fitness, diving, and living life in Playa del Carmen. Playa del Carmen offers many opportunities to be active and practice some of my favorite activities like diving, yoga, and paddle boarding.

PdC has some of the greatest yoga retreats, mind cleansing rituals, and knowledgeable yoga instructors in the world. The Maya people are willing to share and show some ancient practices with you and help you live the best life you can. Visit Organic Yoga in Akumal, Mexico, for more information about the ancient Maya practices.


I’ve also learned how to paddle board in the calm waters of the Caribbean. This is a fantastic workout for the upper body and your core. I attempted to figure out how many calories an hour you burn my paddle boarding, but most of my results were very generic. Check out my post here to see how paddle boarding compares to running on the beach and scuba diving.


Even with all of these unique opportunities, I still miss being in Kansas. There is something about the simplicity, the seasons, and the fact that my family is there that draws me in each time I’m away. My husband and I have lived in PdC for almost a year, and although I love the beautiful beaches, the care-free attitudes, and the unique diving and water activities we have in the Caribbean, I find myself longing to be home. Well, I recently made a trip back home to Kansas, and I was able to enjoy all of my favorite things. You can read my blog posts about my trip home here, here, and here.

Some of my favorite things about being home involve spending time with my friends and family and going back to visit the family farm.

My family raises cattle and grows corn, wheat, soy beans, and milo. I try to help out as much as I can, but mostly I just take pictures of the cows. What can I say? I save the work for the adults!

It’s not all work and no play while I’m home. My family is 3 generations of Kansas State University graduates, and we always take time off for a football game.

The view may not be the Caribbean, but to me this is home… And it’s pretty gorgeous too!