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Swish Wins Silver Medal in 2.5K Puerto Morelos Swim!


Congratulations to Swish Team member Anna Grubb who swam the ‎"Ruta del Arrecife" in Puerto Morelos, Mexico on February 26th. She came in second place! Anna Grub in Puerto Morelos

The "Ruta del Arrecife" is a 2.5km ocean swim in Puerto Morelos. Ruta del Arrecife means "path of the reef", and it is just that. The race starts from the beach and continues around the Puerto Morelos lighthouse. Swimmers are sorted into catagories by colored caps.

Anna has been training by going out and swimming in the ocean after work.  She worked on both her stamina and her technique and I guess it paid off because she only lost by 4 seconds!

We are so proud of her here at Swish.