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Swish Suits Year in Review: 2012


Hello Swish Lifers! I hope you all had a great year and are recovering from the festivities well. Me, well I am sitting here in a Mexico with a juice in hand thinking about the year that we hard here at Swish. Mostly great, a little bad, but always exciting this year has seen the growth of our company and the addition of some new swish team members! So here are our most memorable moments of 2012! 1) Launch of the "ONE" Line!

Probably our greatest moment this year was the launch of the new swish "ONE" line. Part fashion statement, part aquatic gear this line has been a huge success! We know we will be wearing them everywhere in 2013!

2) Kim Kardashian Wears Swish

Another Celebrity in her Swish Suit! Kim took off for a paddleboarding excursion in California's cold waters, keeping warm in her new Swish Suit!

3) New Swish Life Guest Bloggers

We have been lucky to add some great new bloggers to our blog here! Big thanks to all of thea wonderful ladies who write for us including: Kaila from Blonde Traveler, Laura a dive instructor in BVI, Brenda who writes about beach life in Playa del Carmen, Meghan who writes about swishing between two places, Meredith from Reef Traveler, and Stephanie who writes about her running adventures!

4) Swish Goes to DEMA

This year swish had the pleasure of attending our first DEMA show! It was great to see all of our friends and all the new products on the market.

5) Swish Suits in the Vow

This year swish was in the major motion picture "The Vow." In one scene Channing Tatum hand Rachel McAdams a swish suit. . . could that be any more perfect?

So those were a few of our favorite moments of 2012, what were your favorite moments this year?