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Swish Suits: A year in review

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Wow. 2011. . . And I think that it is going to be a good year for Swish. Possibly even better than 2010!

So I am sitting- nursing a slight champagne headache- and thinking of our  year in review.  There have been so many personal and professional accomplishments that have taken place for the Swish Team.  At this time last year, Chelsea was just moving back from Koh Tao, Thailand in order to really start Swish Suits, and I was still up in Canada finishing up my environmental science degree.

Since then much has happened, our company started, we chose a factory, finalized the designs, product tested, put up a website and figured out the online store, I started blogging, finished my degree, moved to Mexico, and finished my cave course.  Wow. A heuvo chicas.

Ok, but enough of looking back into the past. Here at Swish Suits we are all about the future! This year we want to give you what you want my lovely Swish Girls! So in case you did not get what you wanted for Christmas. . . be patient and send us an email about what you are missing to take your aquatic sport to the next level! We want to give it to you.

Take care of you and I want to see you all in Swish by 2012!

Much love.