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Swish Race to 2012: Change of Mind, Body, and Spirit Swish Style!

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Hello all you Swish Team out there! I hope you all had amazing summers of love, fun, and water! I did! I spent my summer here in Playa del Carmen, MX, otherwise known as the best place on earth.

I spent the summer doing the legendary, Beach Workouts with Ricky Alvarez and Luis Perez: http://www.facebook.com/pages/FFit-Functional-Fitness-Entrenamiento-Funcional/135539593123864.

I also really starting to commit to my yoga practice, practicing with my teacher, Juan Carlos at Evolve Gym: http://www.facebook.com/groups/35289076299/.

I even managed to fit in some diving, curtsey of the gorgeous businesswoman Ingrid who owns Akumal Dive Shop with her husband: http://www.akumal.com/.

So, you are saying to yourselves, cool Chelsea, but why are we reading from you now that summer (the typical water season) is just wrapping up? Well, my Swish friends, you are about to witness my overhaul/ramp up/personal health boot camp…. That is if you are interested ;)…did I guilt you yet? Okay but here we go, what I will be doing is my: “Swish Race to 2012”! The premise is this:

Living here in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, the center of ancient Mayan culture, has given me a respect for this culture that grew into interest and now action. Playa people have been talking about the coming of 2012 for the past three years I have been coming and living here. Mysteriously, the Mayan calendar ends on the morning of winter solstice December 21, 2012…Now here is where it gets interesting…Unaware of the Mayan calendar’s end date, Nahui-Ollin, Dennis and Terrence McKenna calculate the “end of time” from the Chinese I Ching to be December 22, 2012…Not to mention that astronomers know that in the late morning of December 21, 2012, the ecliptic (the Sun’s apparent path across the sky) will intersect with the galactic ecliptic (the projection of the Milky Way’s disc on the sky) to place the Sun at the very center, right between the solar path and that of our galaxy, an event that happens only once in the whole history of the universe….spooky eh? So follow me as I undertake an inside and out, subconscious and conscious cleansing and growing as the fateful day of the “end of time” approaches! Pretty dramatic, eh? In reality I will be continuing to research what this date really does mean, some believe this "end of time" will fulfill the Mayan prophecy of another ice age, while some believe that this date brings the dawning of a completely new era of further enlightenment. Who knows? But what I do know is that something very special is happening and I am lucky enough to be here in the center of the very culture prophesying this “end of time.”

Thus, I just haven’t been feeling like the enlightened being I should be going into 2012. He he far from it, and I just didn’t feel like I met my personal and health goals this summer. So, to rapidly change this I am excitedly taking my Vinyasa/Hatha yoga teacher training with the most amazing studio in Playa, Yoga By The Way with Ellen de Jonge and David Campos (http://www.facebook.com/yogabytheway). I am one week in and so excited and committed, and I know this is the best decision I have made in awhile ☺.

Whatever your aquatic sport and the training/health regime you practice for it, I think there will be a little something in this blog for you. Every week I will be giving you tips to a healthy living that I am doing that week or in general, along with some horoscopes, meal ideas, cool new gear, eco tips the pros use, new exercise routines that will help with your favorite aquatic sport, spiritual/energy inspiration, quotes and general tidbits to help inspire and motivate us all to keep sticking to our health and personal goals. Who couldn’t use a bit more inspiration? I will be blogging about my journey in general, cataloguing the physical, mental, spiritual, emotional changes and (hopefully) improvements I experience! I invite you all to join me, or at least read some of “Swish’s Race to 2012!”

I am going to sign off, sending each and everyone of you a huge hug of positive energy! I am leaving you all till next week with a quote one of my fellow yoga teacher trainees, the lovely Claire Beynon:

“Each Journey is a work of Art!" - ANONYMOUS