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Swish Nightlife and Lifestyle: DW ALEXANDER, One of our favorite Canadian Bars


So here at Swish, we love it when our friends do very cool things and we can brag about them in our blogs.  You also know that we are big foodies and love to go out with our friends for a few cocktails and bites while discussing our latest adventures.  One of our friends has recently opened a very cool bar and lounge in Toronto that has a Urban-Victorian vibe, and is perfect for those nights out.  Here to tell you more are the good people from DW Alexander!

DW Alexander: One of Toronto's Finest Bars

There are many reasons why a person should visit Toronto. This is the biggest Canadian city and the home of its culture, music and art. It was its busiest industrial town during the 19th century; today it is the city with the biggest offer of different services. Although many things changed during the years, one thing remained the same. Canadians love to drink. There are numerous bars, lounges and night clubs in this area making it a great destination for a vacation. The entertainment options are numerous; there is always some event, promotion or gathering that will satisfy even the neediest of people. The night life and partying in this city never stop. If you are looking for a place with relaxed and friendly atmosphere, try D.W. Alexander, one of the Toronto’s finest bars and lounges.


The first thing that you will notice when you approach this establishment is the brick building. It is an old construction from Victorian Industrial era. This is normal for the downtown T.O. although there aren’t many bars inside similar structures. The staff is very cordial from the moment when you enter the lounge. From the wardrobe to the waiter, everyone is trying to assist you to the best of their ability. You can notice many different intriguing details, such as the bull heads on the walls or the leather aprons worn by the staff. Besides that, the bar looks very modern and up-to-date. The seats are very comfortable and there is a hint of extravagance in the furniture and tables. The black tone adds to that feeling.


The menu consists of Classic Cocktails, D.W. Originals, Liquors, Champagne and Beer, Biggie Smalls and Afters. The cocktails are the thing which made this bar popular. The Classic Cocktails are pretty simple yet very delicious. Most of them are based on gin and lemon or lime juice. Diligence and precision is the secret behind them. D.W. Originals are the mixtures unique to this bar. They are completely different from the Classics. There is much more detail involved into creation of these drinks, they have many ingredients and they are prepared from homemade liquor. Liquors, Champagne and Beer consist of numerous high quality brands that will satisfy even those with the most refined taste.

When it comes to the menu, the management of this bar puts emphasis on quality, not quantity. Biggie Smalls is the name for the food menu. The list is somewhat standard for a lounge. It has mostly snacks and minor dishes so that the customers can have a bite between the drinks. Afters represent deserts. The list itself is empty. You need to ask the waiter what type of fresh cake is available at the given moment.


Sometimes, it is hard to decide which bar we want to visit when the night falls. We all have our preferences when it comes to atmosphere and alcohol. There are only a few places in Toronto which are widely regarded as good bars when it comes to both of those elements. One of them is D.W. Alexander.