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Swish Kiteboarder Rachel Profiled in "The Kiteboarder"


We love celebrating our amazing, talented, and beautiful Swish girls! This week Swish pro-kiteboarder Rachel is profiled in "The Kiteboarder" magazine!

In the profile she talks about how she got her start kiteboarding and her recent big wins in the kiteboarding world.  She also discusses a group of our favorite people called Pro-leezure describing it as, "We are a group of people that enjoy living at the speed designed for ultimate happiness. It’s a lifestyle that is meant for everyone, but one that not everyone is meant for." You might remember wicked group of people from our blog "Pro-Leezure: Life is all encompassing" about our time in the Bahamas.

On or off a board, there is no doubt Rachel rocks hard! Read the whole article here!