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Swish Goes Rock Climbing in Koh Tao with Rock Junkie


Hi Swish Fans, So, just in case you hadn't noticed yet, I am a little bit obsessed with trying out new sports.  My friends joke that the only time I am sitting still is to blog.  Since you have not heard from me lately, you can safely assume that I have been busy in the best possible way!

I have recently been very intrigued by rock climbing.  It is a sport that is both physical  and mental.  Your mind and body must be working in harmony to reach the summit, and more often than not,  your mind can hold you back.

On the way!

My new obsession with this sport comes courtesy of my friend Dave, who I bonded with over a pizza and our love of extreme sports. Dave is one of the owners of "Rock Junkie"  which is a small rock climbing company on Koh Tao that offers quality climbing on the mountainous island.  Dave has amassed a wealth of experience and knowledge from climbing all over the globe for 17 years, but  he still talks about climbing with contagious enthusiasm   Within 5 minutes of chatting Dave, I was eager to start climbing.   In fact I wanted to go right at that moment, but it was a bit dark out. . . So I had to wait at least for a night. It was not patient waiting as I was very keen to get climbing.

Dave and his friend Ed took my friend Jamie and me to a new spot they had recently discovered and laid routes on.  After a brief hike through the jungle we made it to a beautiful bluff with an alcove at the base.  The boys immediately set up hammocks and put on music to create a little lounge at the site.


Dave and Rock Junkies generously provided us with high quality equipment for the day, which made our day so much more comfortable.   We put on our shoes and harnesses that Rock Junkie and Dave had generously provided and the boys laid the routes. After we were all ready it was time to climb!


Jamie and I were both new to the sport. As we were staring up the face of the bluff, we were skeptical about making it to the top!  Dave, on the other hand was positive that we would make it and walked us through our climb.   There were moments when I was nto so sure that my foot hold would stay, or if I had enough strength to push myself up to the next level, but the words of encouragement form below meant that I would try.  More often than not it would work.


I found that it became a matter of my mind trusting my body and my equipment.  After climbing a few times, I was so surprised at what my body could do.  Talk about pushing limits; it is amazing to be able to look up at  sheer edge that you have just scaled and realize that you made it to the top when a half an hour earlier you were at the bottom sincerely doubting yourself.


Jamie and I completed three successful climbs that day under the tutelage of Rock Junkie, plus we had an absolute blast!  I am definitely adding rock climbing to my growing list of favorite sports. I would recommend rock climbing to everyone! It is so much fun that you normally forget your fears, plus no matter how high you get, you will feel a sense of accomplishment and have something to be proud of.


A massive thank you goes out to Rock Junkie for the amazing day.  Having great instructors is crucial to learning extreme sports.  Often when the staff is not competent  the clients become scared and stressed.  Dave and his team were fantastic with us, as well as being great fun!  A truly memorable day.  For more information about the courses and guides offered at Rock Junkie, please visit their site.