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Swish Does a Yoga Flash Mob On The Beach in Playa del Carmen


Here at Swish Suits we love yoga.  I think that this has been made abundantly clear by our numerous posts of our CEO doing some amazing contortion in her swish!  This past weekend we had the joy of being part of our first yoga flash mob with our friends at Independent Playa in Playa del Carmen.  Independent Playa is a directory of  independent contractors in Playa del Carmen started by long time Swish Photographer, Diego.  The company lists and promotes freelancers in the areas of: photography, wedding planning, nutrition, fitness, spa treatments and much more. 10153845_299175656900643_3641923913481197715_n

The idea behind the "yoga flashmob" on the beach was to create a brand awareness of the Independent Playa yoga community on the beach and on social media.


The day started with the yogi community of Playa del Carmen chilling at playacar beach.  As soon as everyone arrived we quietly dispersed amongst the other beach goers.  Juan, a Playa based yoga instructor with a beautiful practice, then went up into the front of the group and started doing yoga. . . Little by little we started to join in. . . then came the music.  Drummers walked around and produced a lively yoga beat.  Juan led a 2o vinyasa style class and during this time, bystanders came to join our group, as well as photograph the flash mob.


It was a beautiful day at the beach.  Chelsea and I had a lot of fun soaking up the sun in some sun salutations as well as connecting with old friends.  It was wonderful to see a community of people who have moved here to follow their dreams support each other.

Independent Playa had aerial photography as well as media coverage on the ground and they compiled this lovely video that depicts the day much better than I can with words.


The event was beautiful, and a great success for the yoga division of Independent Playa and great publicity for their freelance yoga instructors.  Congratulations and thank you for a great day!