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Swish Cave Diaries: Step 2, Turn it up!

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OK! So I am on day seven of CAVE DIVING UNLIMITED! After a brief warm up in Cenote Tajma Ha, Minotauro, and Xunaan- Ha (xunaan ha for warm up? hmm. . . hehe.) We hit the big boys and started banging out the Riviera Maya's Greatest Hits. Day 4: Tristan, or as I am now calling him, The French Cave God, packed up our kit (all 60 kgs of it) into the jeep that was smelling oh so very much of cave swamp and headed to Cenote Dos Palmas. Dos Palmas is in Sistema Dos Ojos (right next door).

Cenote Diving Swamp Thing Jeep

The first dive we dropped in and went upstream. To our surprise there was a bit of current which made the dive interesting as I had never dealt with current before.

Current in a cave dive is interest for two reasons:

1) Air.  If you are penetrating with the current, you must make sure to use the same amount of air on the way out as you did on the way in, in order to ensure you stick to the rule of thirds (one-third in, one third out, and one-third for your partner).

2) Navigation. Although you should never rely soley on the current for navigation, you should note the flow on your way in and out.

The second dive we headed on the downstream line.  Dos Palmas was two nice no drama dives, with no restrictions and wide passages, but very beautiful and nice to have some space! Especially after training at Minotauro and Xunaan-Ha. Here I was really concentrating on respecting the proper cave posistion in relation to Tristan.

Day 5: On day five we only did one dive at Cenote Dreamgate!

Lowering tanks down to the Cenote.

Cenote Dreamgate is very beautiful with highly decorated passages. It is a bit more tricky of a dive because you encounter some very narrow passages that you must be careful as you go through as you do not want to kick the cave and destroy history! This Cenote is also the most famous for having Mayan pottery.

The main thing that Tristan and I were having fun doing was navigating ourselves around to differnt parts of the cenote to see what we wanted. It is quite fun to sit there with the map and plan your dive and then to see the markers that you have seen on the map! The french cave god was especially fond of seeing different Cenotes during a dive, that is to go from one cenote to another. It does make you feel rather adventuras and like you have a destination! Plus I just like the pretty light that streams down through the rocks after you have been in the dark cave for a while. It is a nice contrast!

All in all a great two days! Stay tuned for more cavey adventures!