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Cave Diving Diaries: Part 4, With Feeling

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Day 7: Cenote Cristalino

I had not been to Cenote Cristalino since my cave course. This day was incredible as we were joined by a very special guest: Swish CEO and my sister, Chelsea Berg!

Cenote Cristalino is an alternate enterence to the Ponderosa cave passage. It is not too challenging of a dive and the main passage is often used for training dives. The outside of the cenote is extremely beautiful with mangroves and high rocky walls. You might recognize it from our Cenote jumping video!


I had never been cave diving with Chelsea, in fact I had never been cave diving with someone other than my instructor Patrick and Tristan. It was very nice for me to go diving with someone who was at my same certification level as it relieved a lot of pressure in my crazy head! I am normally so concentrated on the fact that I am not performing perfectly that I sometimes cannot chill out and cave diving becomes two hours of Victoria's mental punishment. Seeing someone else dive who is at my level really quieted my thoughts, and in turn made diving a lot easier for me. Crazy huh?

The day was great. It started with all of us putting our kit together as normal, although it was much more fun. Chelsea kept on giggling as she had forgotten how much gear there is with cave diving and had us all in stitches with her comments.


We had a fantastic little dive, which was nice and easy but still really fun as I was cave diving the first time with my sister!

I feel like cave diving together as a team is a huge bonding experience. You could go with someone who you do not like/ or know that well but in the hours that you are underwater  you are functioning as one team gliding together with faith in your capabilities as a team. If possible cave diving with my sister brought us EVEN closer (oh no! for those who already know us.)