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Scuba Diver Girls Write a Blog Post About Swish Suits!

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Our good friends the Scuba Diver Girls wrote a blog about Swish Suits! The girls recently took a trip to beautiful Fiji and we gifted them a suit to try out on the trip. Scuba Diver Girl Occhi wore it and loved it!

Scuba Diver Girl Wears Swish Suits in Fiji

Check out the video that they made from their dive that day (wearing Swish Suits):


The Scuba Diver Girls were nice enough to give us a write up in their blog. Here is the text below:

Likely the last thought that comes to mind when thinking about donning a wetsuit is, “Wow I am going to look so cute and fashionable!” Well now that CAN be your FIRST thought with Swish Suits!

Women's Full Wetsuit

Swish Suits caters to strong women professionals that work in the water! Surfers, Scuba Divers, and Water Skiers from all over the globe proudly wear the Swish brand and definitely look very cute doing it!

The Swish Girls decided to make their suits Eco-friendly! Using a revolutionary Bioprene, which is not just eco-friendly, but also a higher performance product, they created something that is not only tough but comfortable! “Our materials are both ecologically conscience and functional!” Normal wetsuits are made from neoprene, which is derived from petroleum. The Swish Suits are made of Bioprene that derives from limestone and is 99.7% pure!”

Check out the full rave review here!

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