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Scuba Diver Girls and Swish Make Friends

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Who has mentored you throughout your aquatic sports career? Is there one piece of advice that they gave you that will stick with you for life? Chelsea and I were lucky to have a lot of great mentors when we started Swish from our old instructors to successful women CEO's.  Late this summer Chelsea and I got the chance to meet up with the Scuba Diver Girls when we were in Southern California!

Now, I am assuming that most of you know of the Scuba Diver Girls, as their facebook page is one of the most active in the dive world!  The Scuba Diver Girls are a group of women who love diving and wanted to create a dive community that was female friendly and most importantly, brought the fun back into diving! They travel, blog, test products (womens wetsuits!), make cute shirts, and teach! These ladies do it all.

SCUBA Diver Girls Love Swish

Swish was so excited to meet the lovely ladies behind SDG's and ask their opinion on everything ranging from what they look for in a women's wetsuit, to their favorite aquatic sports, and of course. . . advice! The ladies were lovely and really gave us a lot of information and support. We look forward to having a Swish Suits and Scuba Diver Girls dive in the near future!

We also sent them a Swish Suit to product test. Margo wore it snorkeling in La Jolla Cove one day. Check out the exerpt from their blog below!

"The girls head South of La Jolla Cove to wipe out beach for something a little different this day. First thing they find is a fishing pole right at the edge of the water…so the girls decide to get that out of the water before having their fun! Stephanie and Margo had the best time snorkeling with a Harbor Seal and then skin diving into the kelp! What a great snorkel! Thank you to the super sweet Swish Girls for sending us a suit at no cost to do a little testing! Margo tried it out and loved it! VERY CUTE!"

-- Scuba Diver Girls' Blog

Check out the cute video that they made of their day!

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